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Bathroom Decor

Bathrooms have finally shed their plane Jane look and entered the list of room decor styles. A well-designed and modern bathroom is a place where one can relax and be comfortable. You can give a completely new look to your bathroom decor with just a bit of organization, new colors, proper lighting and complementing accessories.

One of the easiest ways to find tips and ideas for bathroom decoration is by simply going through our free bathroom decor section and find suggestions to give your bathroom a completely new look. To start with, here are some ideas that work out very well for any type of bathroom. So read and add some style to your own personalized bathroom decor.
  • One of the most important things to do is to remove clutter. Do away with all the things that you really donít require. Once you have decided what is really required in your bathroom and what is just occupying space you can get organized. Use plastic boxes, bins and drawer dividers to keep things out of your immediate way. For items that have to stay on the counter, find decorative accessories to enhance the decor. You can use turntables to minimize the storage for tall bottles, toothpaste and shaving cream.
  • Furniture is an important decoration accessory for your washroom as well. Adding a chest or a small shelf adds an element of substance, even to a small bathroom. And if you have a big one then you can also go for a cupboard or armoire. If you have space, add a small chair for comfort as well.

  • If your bath room doesnít have enough space for towel bar, then find some decorative hooks to hang your towels. It can easily be accommodated at the back of the door or near the shower or even near the sink.
  • Add some brightness to your flooring. A simple colorful rug can do the trick. If you want to go a bit further then one can even try peel and stick tiles.

  • Wallpapering the bathroom walls is an easy and economical way to make your wash room attractive.

  • Other bathroom decorating ideas can be adding new fabric to the windows and the shower area. Shower curtains are a stylish option. Go for some decorative light fixtures to add a soft glow to your spa room.

  • Try to strike a balance of color between your towels and rugs. Colorful fluffy towels give your bathroom a luxurious look. Also add a small plant to give a fresh feel to your bathroom.
To know more about the different decorating tips and ideas on bathroom go through the entire section.

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