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   DreamHomeDecors > Bathroom Decor > Bathroom Designs

Bathroom Designs

Bathroom designs are the stylish and innovative bathroom ideas that can give your boring and tired looking bathroom a new life. Same colors, usual tiles and ordinary accessories all make your bathroom decor quite old fashioned. But now with new and latest design one can do just about anything with their home decor. And if you are wondering the bathroom designs are going to dig a hole in your pocket then you are absolutely mistaken. Working in a budget, bathroom design ideas are everything about comfort, hygiene and modernity blended together. The only thing that is required is to have a plan in place and then move step by step. Let your bathroom revitalize you as we take a look at the latest bathroom designs and layouts.

Space Management

Space is at a premium nowadays whether you live in an apartment or a country house. So our first step is managing the given space in the right manner. There are several ways of making good use of the available space. The first is storage. From towels, toilet paper, and other toiletries supplies most people have a lot to keep in the bathroom. So cosmetics, beauty products, dirty laundry as well as clean laundry, detergent all require space. So it is very important that your bathroom design incorporates adequate storage space. Fit extra storage space in the bathroom by having cabinets below the sink or having a mirror cabinet above your sink. Storage space in your wall with hanging shelves or sliding storage built into the walls is also a very good idea.
Click on small bathroom decor to know more about space management.

Bathroom Tiles

Bathroom tilting is one of best methods to waterproof the walls and the floors of the bathroom and therefore an important part of bathroom designs. But if you are finding the bathroom tiles same dull and boring one can try there are other options also available. One unique bathroom design idea is to go for mosaic walls. A mosaic is a picture that is made from hundreds of broken tiles. So with a bit of creativity you can get absolutely stunning effects. The mosaics are also very durable and water proof, making them just apt for the bathrooms.

Bathroom Lighting and Colors

Bathroom lighting fixtures are an essential part of the bathroom design ideas. The modern light decor opens many options for you. Avoid light fittings that tend to cast shadows. One of the highly recommended bathroom lighting is recessed lighting. Team it up with a vanity fixture and balance the light source in the bathroom. Wall colors can make your bathroom look big or small. So if you have small bathrooms then go for light colors. To liven up things a bit, add a bright color border or some attractive tiles. On the other hand if you have an oversized bathroom then bold colors can complete change the look of your bathroom. So whatever your budget maybe, there is something that can make your bathroom design look about completely new.

Luxury Bathroom Designs

If we talk luxury then spa, music system, TV, big bathtub, tiled floor, fog-free mirror are some bathroom accessories that are a must have. After a shower as you step out on a warm tile floor and a heated towel, you are fully energized. So luxury bathroom designs are all about comfort and style. Your bath will give you a luxurious experience as any other room in the house. So select a Hi-fi and install it at a height in the bathroom. Remember electrical fittings and water are deadly combination so be extra cautious. Fog free mirrors will slightly warm your mirrors so that they remain crystal clear throughout the bath. With new techniques and styles available warm towels and floor tiles are one of the hottest choices of today.

So get set and give your dream bathroom design a shape with these innovative ideas for bathroom designing.

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