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   DreamHomeDecors >Bathroom Decor > Kid Bathroom Decor

Kid Bathroom Decor

Ever wondered why your kid makes the dull face as soon as you get him ready for bath time? Is it a dislike for taking a shower or your kid bathroom decor is completely putting him off. Believe it or not, kids today have a keen sense of style and they like being around places that they relate to and make them feel comfortable. Pink bathroom can be romantic for a couple but you may find your kid making faces when it comes to his likes and dislikes. So letís take a quick flashback and try to understand what kids like for their bathroom decoration.

There are several kid bathroom ideas that can convert a plain looking bathroom into something interesting and fun. But before we start off there are some primary things that needs to be kept in mind while planning the kid bathroom decor. One of the most essential things is storage space to keep things neatly and safely in the bathroom. The next important thing is safety as slippery floors and sharp edges can get dangerous for your kid. So keeping these two essential things in mind letís look at some of the kid bathroom ideas and give a complete makeover to your bathroom.

Make it friendly and Peppy

Your kid is growing and getting naughty by the day. Out of sheer curiosity he will try to grab just about anything and everything. Also he will get annoyed if he canít reach out to his favorite shampoo and towel after bath. So as you start decorating, try to have shelves that are adjustable. So as your child grows you can raise the level accordingly. Some bathroom ideas are lower counter tops and hands free faucets. Also kids like to have some bath time toys around them, so have proper space to store them so that your kid can take them out and stack them neatly when they are done.

Bathtub and Flooring

Bathtub, showers and flooring are some of the things that need extra attention in a kid bathroom decor. The kid bathtub should have a non slip finish, so as your kid plays, jumps and enjoys his shower there is no scope for any accidents.


Lighting is important when we look at different kid bathroom ideas for making it safe and child friendly. Put some tap lights so that kids donít have to search for switches in the darkness especially in the night. Avoid having many plug points and sockets as kids might put their fingers into it and lead to accidents. Have adequate lighting in the kid bathroom. Select lampshades in kid designs to give the bathroom a vibrant look.

Walls and Tiles

Generally bathroom walls are covered with tiles to a certain height and then the rest of the walls and ceiling are plain white or in dull colors. But when we are talking about the kid bathroom decor ideas then one can select from tiles that have cartoon characters in them and walls that have a friendly yet colorful look to it. Try peach, greens and blues. Also one can try out different bathroom themes like jungle theme bathroom, ocean theme bathroom to make it all the more fun.

Kid bathroom accessories

Finally kid bathroom accessories like kid bath towels, kid shower curtains and soap dispensers can give an attractive look to your bathroom. Go for a complete set with matching bath and hand towels with complementing shower curtains and different holders for soapas, toothpaste etc.
So give your kid bathroom decor a complete makeover and see how your tiny toddler loves and completely enjoys bath time.

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