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   DreamHomeDecors >Bathroom Decor > Shower Curtains

Shower Curtains

Bathroom shower curtains are the easiest way to give a stylish look to your bathroom. Having functionality as well as decorative aspect, shower curtains today range from contemporary shower curtains to designer curtains as well. Easy to maintain, affordable and highly durable there is hardly any bathroom today that doesn’t have shower curtains spicing things up. The main purpose of shower curtains is to shield the rest of bathroom from water splashes as one takes bath. But another popular choice for selecting shower curtains is to give a character to the bathroom along with the different bathroom accessories. Let’s take a close look at the latest designs in bathroom shower curtains along with tips for selecting the right curtain for your bath place.

Selection Of Shower Curtains

Generally shower curtains are selected according to the wall decor of the bathroom. Teamed with it are the different bathroom accessories. But of course if you have a particular theme in mind then going the other way round is also not a bad idea. Get an attractive looking shower curtain and then match your towels and accessories to complement the bathroom decor. One of the other things to keep in mind whether the shower curtains will be used to display or pulled back to one side when not in use. This call is most of the times taken according to the size of the bathroom. One can decide the budget according to their preference and utility of the shower curtains.

Maintaining Shower Curtains

Maintaining shower curtains is very easy, as they are made to sustain in water and moist conditions. Bathroom curtains are made up of washable fabrics like polyester, waterproof cotton and other such materials that are easy to maintain. However that doesn’t mean that you completely overlook their care. Wash them regularly and let them in air once in a while. Dry the shower curtains in natural light and air so that there is no mildew or mold formation.

Get The Look Of Your Choice

With the market flooding with a wide variety of shower curtains to select from one can get the look of their choice without many hassles. For example if you want to go for a contemporary look then a black and white curtain with red and orange splashes would look absolutely great. But if you have something traditional in your mind then a tinge of green is just for you. Keep in mind to have matching curtain rods as well to complete the look. And if you have a mindset about a particular theme then also there is a whole variety out there to give shape to your ideas. The vinyl shower curtains with matching rods can peep your bath experience in no time. And if you want to give an elegant look to your bathroom then a black shower curtain with a brushed nickel rod and ribbon ties can add a touch of class to your bathroom. The modern bathroom shower curtains can give a new look in an instance. The best part of the modern curtains are they are designed to fit any style and size of bathroom.

Designer Shower Curtains

Yes shower curtains for bathrooms have also gone designer. Whether you want shower curtains that have floral prints or traditional or any other style there is something just for you. Many of the big names in designer shower curtains are Liz Claiborne, Nautica, Regent, Eddie Bauer, Tommy Hilfiger and more. If you are wondering what makes these shower curtains so uniquely different from the rest, then it is the assortments that make them appealing. For example Nautica offers highly sophisticated bathroom shower curtains in highly classic colors. The curtains are offered with matching sheets, duvet and bed skirts. Similarly Eddie Bauer offers shower curtains in denim as well giving a very distinctive look to the bathroom. The trousseau is complete with a set of towels and robes in complementing colors to complete the look.

Though designer shower curtains definitely cost more than the non-branded one, they give a very tasteful and grand look to your bathroom decorations. Some of the stores where one can find modern as well as designer bathroom shower curtains are Marcy’s, JC Penney and Foley’s. home stores like Bed Bath and Beyond is also one of the popular names in the house decor section.

So give your bathroom a complete makeover and select from some of the best shower curtains to hit the market.

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