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   DreamHomeDecors > Bedroom Decor > Beach Bedroom Decor

Beach Bedroom Decor

A romantic tropical paradise, thatís what comes to mind when we think of beach bedroom decor. Beach theme rooms give a warm, comfortable tropical feeling and the beach bedroom decoration is all about capturing this style into our bedrooms. All we really need is a bit of imagination with a collection of some nicks and knacks from here and there.

Wall Colors

The most important thing for beach bedroom decor is the selection of bedroom wall colors. The beach bedroom colors should make you think about the beach. How about some light and breezy colors with lots of blues and some yellows. If you are in favor of neutral colors then beige of beach sand is a good option. If you want to go for blue, then stick with pale blue colors. It will help in giving an open and airy feel to your bedroom. If there is also going to be a tinge of white then always use Ultra, Pure White, do not use colors like off-white or eggshell. These colors will give a feeling of openness and pure nature of beaches.

Beach Bedroom Accessories

The next important thing is the beach bedroom accessories that not only adds to the bedroom decor but also gives the desired beach theme a complete look. One of the simplest ways to add beach accessories is to go for sea shells, ocean prints and other seaside accents to the bedroom. Try to arrange the beach bedroom accessories in a way that it has tall and short accessories mixed together giving an interesting look to your bedroom. Beach theme prints and photos on the walls add a lot of visual appeal to the beach decor. Figurines of selected beach and ocean animals, placed at strategic spots gives the tropical feeling to the bedroom.

Bedroom Lighting

Beach bedroom lighting is as important as the bedroom accessories to give a complete beach decor feel. Go for lamps that have a beach theme to it. Clear glass lamps filled with shells or figural light house shaped lamps give a wonderful look to the bedroom. Dim lighting is always the best for bedrooms but when it comes to the beach bedroom decoration then we want to give a sunny feeling to the bedroom. So go for soothing lamps rather than making the bedroom dimly lit.

Beach Decor Accents

Other than bedroom accessories and wall colors, there are some simple accents that can do wonders for a beach bedroom decor. Letís look at some of these to give a complete look to your beach bedroom decoration.
  • Add area rugs to the bedroom to define space and pull your bedroom together. Rugs are easy to maintain and one can select rugs that go with your beach accessories.

  • Pillows are a very important part of any bedroom decor, adding cozy interest to it. Use several at the top of the bed and vary the texture colors and patterns while still keeping the color and theme within your overall bedroom design.

  • The next beach decor accent is the plants although we donít want to go overboard about it. For beach bedroom decoration, use different wild grass arrangements and even dried arrangements. If you want to do something more than one or two artificial palm trees can also be accommodated. Plants will give your bedroom a more homely and lived in feeling.

  • When selecting bedroom furnishings think natural. Go for something simple, rustic and possibly a bit weathered and distressed. How about some weathered wood, flotsam and jetsam washed up look?

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