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    Dreamhomedecors > Bedroom Decor > Bedroom Furniture

Bedroom Furniture

Bedroom furniture sets for most of us comprises of a bed and a chair along with side tables. There is no decor style that goes into it, nor do the bedroom wall colors blend with the furnishings. But how about taking some time out and giving your favorite room a comfortable feel with your own personal touch? With some new bedroom furniture, reinvent your space and give it the look you always wanted. And if you are thinking that coordinating bedroom furniture set is complicated or expensive, then letís assure you itís just the opposite. With some minor changes you can change the entire look and feel of the bedroom.

Select Furniture that Fits the Room

The most common mistake most of us make is cram the bedroom with as many pieces of furniture that is possible. This makes the bedroom look small and crowded. Instead, picking some selective pieces of bedroom furniture will not only provide space but also allow you to experiment with different styles of bedroom decor. While selecting bedroom furniture sets remember that the bed is the focal point of the room and also occupies the maximum space. So the other furniture in the room should match with the bed. If you are going for a mix n match style with some old furniture and teaming it up with new pieces as well, try to keep them on matching lines. But then if you are opting for a theme bedroom like Victorian style then definitely the furniture pieces are not going to match totally. So in such cases as long the furniture has some bit of the same design or detail one can go for it. On the other hand if it is a contemporary bedroom then one can easily go for a combination like glass, pewter, wrought iron and even acrylic to give a balanced look.

Different Styles of Bedroom Furniture

With so many styles of bedroom decorations, furniture has also donned on a completely new look. Right from traditional bedroom furniture to the modern contemporary designs, there is a whole world out there to select from. Letís look at some of the popular styles of bedroom furniture sets.

Traditional bedroom furniture: we all must have seen traditional bedroom furniture in our parents or grandparents place. Mostly crafted out of hardwood with a strong and sturdy look this furniture set has detailed ornamentation on them as compared to other furniture styles. The furniture features velvety or silk finishes along with graceful curves. The most common among these are the sleigh beds and poster beds. Traditional bedroom furniture has smooth edges with a reflection of the past eras like the Colonial, French Country and Neo-Classical.

Mission bedroom furniture: this furniture offers a plain and simple look. The bedroom furniture is based on straight lines without any embellishments or ornamentations and is mostly made out of natural wood and hardware. The main emphasis in this kind of bedroom furnishings is vertical and elongated forms offering a natural style that is very sober and simple to look at. If you want to add some color to the bedroom decor then accent it with warm colored fabrics and leathers to get that perfect look.

Modern bedroom furniture: modern and contemporary bedroom furniture is mostly on the same lines. These bedroom furnishings are sleek, sophisticated and often uses many different kinds of materials giving new designs. Instead of the commonly seen wooden beds, modern bedroom furniture sets goes for steel and metal alloys, complementing the contemporary room decor as well. But that doesnít mean that modern bedroom furniture doesnít have any traditional features. The modern bedroom furniture has a classic style to it in a subtle and refined way.

Transitional Bedroom furniture: transitional bedroom furniture offers just the right blend of traditional and modern bedroom furnishings. It is one of the most versatile bedroom furniture and gels effortlessly with almost any setting. This type of bedroom furniture set has a combination of both contemporary and traditional furniture styles. It has ascetic lines with fancy curves and mostly done in natural wood finishes with sleek and brushed metals. Due to this it easily adapts with different types of room decor styles. So if you are not sure what bedroom furniture will go with your room decorations then transitional bedroom furniture is the best choice.

Casual Bedroom Furniture: casual bedroom furniture are very comfortable, warm, inviting and give a laid back relaxed look to the bedroom. There is simple detail work with textured elements of upholstery and minimum horizontal lines in casual bedroom furniture. The rectangular and soft curved elements add to the live in casual feel. This type of bedroom furniture set is generally large in size and the main focus being comfort and utility rather than intricate detail work.

Country Bedroom Furniture: country bedroom furniture has a traditional charm to it that offers a romantic and rustic look to the bedroom decor. The furniture is casual and simple. Not much emphasis is laid on intricate work. It gives the bedroom an elegant and rich look.

Leather Bedroom Furniture: leather bedroom furniture is one of the latest trends in bedroom furnishings. It comes from the union of contemporary, European and mission style bedroom decorations. The main element in this kind of a bedroom is to offer a luxurious and dramatic look to the bedroom decor. The main colors are generally warm chocolates and opulent blacks with the beds completely or partially furnished with leather. If you want to go for lighter shades then try creamy linens with colorful accents.

Wicker Bedroom Furniture: wicker bedroom furniture is one of the perfect combinations of simplicity and style. With beautifully interlaced canes and reeds of wicker and rattan furniture the bedroom looks and feels like a tropical paradise. One of the most popular styles in wicker bedroom furniture is the dark and natural finish rattan and the bright white loom weaves of the cottage style wicker. So if you want to give your bedroom a south pacific twist go for wicker bedroom furniture set.

Rustic Bedroom Furniture: if you enjoy the charming comforts of a log cabin then rustic bedroom furniture is just for you. The main feature in this bedroom is the natural wood finish with special emphasis on grains. This type of bedroom are spacious and very relaxing, so donít complain if you are late every morning!!

Select your bedroom furniture according to the different bedroom decor styles and give a complete look to your room decorations.

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