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   DreamHomeDecors > Bedroom Decor > Boy Bedroom Decor

Boy Bedroom Decor

Boy bedroom decor is not just about a naughty upside down room, but rather a fun bedroom where it says with style; ‘boys will always be boys’. Boy bedroom decorating ideas are not only fun but also quite easy to put together and it doesn’t really have to focus on cars and robots. With just a little bit of creativity you can give the boy bedroom a unique decor. In this section we will look at some of the simple boy bedroom decoration ideas and put together a complete boy room decor.

Bedroom Interior

To start with polish the front door to make it clear to everyone that they are about to enter a boy’s bedroom. You can have your son’s favorite cartoon character painted at the door so that your young boy relates to it completely. The next simple touch can be lamps that will not only add some light to the boy bedroom but also give it a cozy and comfortable appearance. One can select from different boyish designs to go with the boy bedroom decor. Also remember to add bookshelves to the bedroom. This will keep the bedroom clean as well as organized.

Themed Wall Decor

Bedroom wall decor is one simple way to spice up your boy’s bedroom and it also goes with all kinds of boy bedroom theme that one can imagine. Right from sports themed plaques to gaming system decals there are wall decor in huge varieties and sizes. If you want to give the boy bedroom a sports bedroom theme then you can find wall decor in themes like baseball, basketball, football, soccer etc. Carry the sports bedroom theme throughout the boy bedroom and team it up with other things of interest to complete the decoration.

Snug Up with Pillows

Pillows are a wonderful accessory for any bedroom theme when decorating it. While selecting pillows to deck up your boy bedroom decor go for soft and cushiony sports themed pillows, oversized fish pillows, fuzzy pillows shaped like cars and trucks, and many other unique styles. They can do wonders for your sports theme bedroom or any other boy bedroom decor.

Boy Bedroom Themes

There are ranges of boy bedroom themes available that can make your young or teenage son go wow! Let’s take a quick look at some of these bedroom decor themes.

Favorite Animals: every boy has a special liking about one animal or other. Whether it’s a dog or cat, bird or rabbit, use it as a theme to decorate your boy’s bedroom. Add lots of pictures and stuffed toys to give the bedroom a friendly look.

Rustic Cabin: Camping, mountains are some of the things that boys are really fond of. So how about going for a rustic bedroom decor with comfortable plaid patterns, flannel fabrics, and log or pine beds? Add some bedroom accessories with forest themes of animals, mountain scenes, or natural materials such as pine cones, leaves, and sticks. Your boy is simply going to love this bedroom decor.

Movie or Cartoon Characters :
well this is a boy bedroom theme that’s definitely going to click. Whether your son is completely in love with Mickey Mouse, Lion King, Toy Story, or Scooby Doo you can create a world for him that has all of these or some of his favorite animation characters. It’s also easy to find bedding, lamps, and other decorative items that can do wonders to this bedroom theme.

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