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   DreamHomeDecors > Bedroom Decor > Girl Bedroom Decor

Girl Bedroom Decor

Girl bedroom decor is one of the most pretty and spectacular bedrooms of any house. There are many girl bedroom decor themes available to select from and each one of them offers a unique kind of decoration style to suit your girlís liking as well as temperament. On the basic line, girls are fond of bright colors and while decorating a girl bedroom the use of bright colors is generally the most obvious choice. In this section of girl bedroom decor we will look at some of the popular bedroom decor themes that your girl is sure to fall in love with. Right from soft sandy beaches to twinkling night time theme each decor style is elaborated adequately to bring out the feel the final bedroom decor will get.

Night Bedroom Decor

If night time theme is what you have in mind for your girl bedroom decor then the bedroom colors will consist mainly of blues, whites, and yellows. For bedroom accessories go for rotating lamps, lamps hanging from the ceiling and maybe even wind chimes. To give the final touches to the girl bedroom decor theme go for soft blue bed sheet and warm yellow pillows. Have a combination of dim and bright lighting to complement the bedroom mood.

Beach Bedroom Theme

If you are thinking of a beach bedroom decor for your girl room then perhaps itís a good choice to include the elements of the beach like a sandy brown carpet, a nice blue bed sheet and some cloudy white fluffy pillows. To bring the feel of a tropical world add a tinge of yellow to girl bedroom decor as well. One can have yellow curtains or ornaments to complete the beach bedroom look.

Fairy Theme Bedroom

Little girls are very fond of fairy theme bedroom and this girl bedroom decor theme is pretty easy to put together. A girl them bedroom can include fairy-related clocks, lamps, light switches, posters, and bed sheets. Make a special place for all her favorite bed time story books and fairytales. To add some bedroom accessories go for some mushroom shaped lampshades, soft dreamy lightings etc.

Now here are some more girl bedroom decorating tips:
  • Paint your girlís bedroom wall colors with her favorite accents and hues. Complete the look with accessories, bed linens and window treatments.

  • Change the pulls on her dresser to give it a new look. One can also add art posters or prints to give the bedroom decor a new look.

  • Add a bulletin board to the girl bedroom accessories so that it becomes her personal corner to show off her creativity and put up her favorite greeting cards, artwork and other stuff.

  • Look for lot of pillows and some throws to give a comfortable look to the girl bedroom decor. One can also add some bean bags and soft toys for girl bedroom. Girls of all ages will be delighted to find this stuff in their bedroom.
  • A girl bedroom decor is never complete without a lot of storage space like a dressing table, full length mirror and shelving.

  • Add some dream lighting to the bedroom decor. A small decorative table or floor lamp can add light and color without great expense. Other than this there are plenty of lighting fixtures available to give the girl bedroom decoration a complete look.

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