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    Dreamhomedecors > Bedroom Decor >Kid Bedroom Decor

Kid Bedroom Decor

A special haven in your home is the kidís room. A room full of playfulness, innocence and brightness is what can be truly called as the kid bedroom. Decorating a kid bedroom is not as easy as it may seem. After all kids outgrow nearly everything the fastest. And this is the reason why previously people used to hardly spend on kid furniture and decorations. But today the market is flooded with products for kids and babies and parents can hardly resist in purchasing such items. So the traditional concept of hand me downs is the thing of yester years. Today everything is promoted and there is hardly any section in the kids world that has been left out.

Entering this new world of your tiny tots is the different ideas for making your kid bedroom grand and cute. Right from kid wallpapers to bed linens everything is customized to make your baby giggle with joy. Even furniture like sofas, chairs and tables are made in kid sizes. So letís take a look at the different aspects of the bedroom designing and create a special corner for your kids.

Kid Bedroom Lighting

Before you go shopping for your kidís nursery, it is best that you first decide which room you would like the nursery to be. Lighting of the room both natural and artificial are very important for a nursery. See the room at different times of the day. A room receiving too much sun in the early morning may wake your baby up earlier than you would like. Or a corner of the room that always has the street lights pouring in, may keep the baby awake the whole night. So it is very important to look into the lighting factors of the bedroom. Spend some time in your kid bedroom to get the feel of the room and then go shopping.

Kid Bedroom Furniture

Having taken care of the lighting of the room, letís take a look at the furniture for your kid bedroom and nursery. When you first start deciding on the furniture start thinking like a kid. What you really require and what is more just for decoration. A kid hardly has a taste for style and beauty. So keep it simple yet lively. Soon your baby will start identifying itself to the surroundings. Go for soft blankets with a cradle of your choice. Some of the essentials for a kidís bedroom or nursery are:
  • a cradle
  • a crib
  • a changing table
  • a chest of drawers
  • a rocking chair or glider

And when we are talking about the furniture for a kid bedroom there are certain safety measures that need to be followed as well. So letís take a quick look at these safety measures for the nursery.
  • When selecting a crib make sure that the posts are not more than 2-3/8Ē wide. If it is any wider your kid might slip through. Also ensure that the corner posts should not be longer than 1/16Ē or the babyís clothes may get tangled in them.
  • Avoid all types of floor lamps when going about selecting lighting.

Color of the Kid Bedroom

Now as you have chosen the furniture of the bedroom, now it is time to think about the overall look and feel along with the color scheme of the bedroom. If you want to go the creative way, then there are many kinds of wallpapers to select from. And if you want to go for wall colors then think in the shades of pink, violets and blues. Though you are all excited about your kid bedroom remember they will outgrow everything very fast. So keep the kid bedroom decorations on a neutral note so that it can stay like that with a bit of modifications for some years to come. Donít be surprised if bunnies are too kiddish for your darling very soon.

Kid Bedroom Decoration

Taking the final step in your kid bedroom is the complete bedroom decor. We have already discussed the wall colors, now letís take a look at the other furnishings for the bedroom. If youíre thinking about wall-to-wall carpeting for the kidís room it is better to avoid it. Kid spill things easily and maintaining a wall-to-wall carpet can be difficult. Instead going for clean flooring. Hygiene is very much required in a kid bedroom.

Use lamps and different framed pictures to give your kid bedroom a personalized look. You can have teddies and duckies as you like and as the taste of the kid changes, easily change the decoration as well.

Window decorations also needs extra care for your kid. Like floor curtains are an absolute no for the kid bedroom. Your baby will easily grab these and pull it down on itself. Blinds with pull cords are also to be avoided as your kid can easily get the cord entangled around its neck. Go for curtains that end at the windowsill.

Decorating the kid bedroom can be exciting and fun but safety and comfort has to go hand in hand in this room. Just like any other room, think out the future prospects as well and then set out to decorate the kid bedroom according to your choice.

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