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   DreamHomeDecors > Bedroom Decor > Sports Bedroom Decor

Sports Bedroom Decor

Sports bedroom decor is the favorite of young teenage boys as well as girls today. With a fun and unique decoration the young guys of today love their bedrooms to look a bit of their favorite sports. Whether its baseball, basketball, swimming or some other sports its easy and inexpensive to put together and is sure to be appreciated by your boy or girl. If you are sure what is the favorite sport of your kid then you can decorate the bedroom with that sports theme otherwise itís best to go for a blend of all sports that your son or daughter seems to like. Include different sports elements and complete the look with a color theme to get the final picture of the sports bedroom decor. Now letís take a look at the different steps to make the sports bedroom decor come to live.

Sports Bedroom Walls

The best way to decorate the sports bedroom is with soft shades of his/her favorite wall colors. By using soft bedroom colors the walls will highlight any and every type of wall decor and accessories giving the room a bright look.

Once the sports bedroom color is selected next comes decorating the bedroom walls. The simplest way to go about it is by selecting an appropriate sports wallpaper border and it can be easily found in any store. You can also try painting your kids own wall murals. The best part is you can add as many sports as you like till it is not looking over crowded.

Sports Bedroom Furniture

If the bedroom is for younger kids then the furniture can be in bright or pastel colors complementing the sports bedroom wall colors. If you are looking for a long time investment then consider using plain furniture and then to give a sports look add different sports theme stickers to it. The sports bedroom furniture should be in neutral colors like the light shades of wooden color.

The sports bedroom furniture canít be complete without the sports bedding. There are many different colors and prints of sports bedding and you are sure to find something matching with your sports theme room. Another great idea is to use plain bed sheets and pillows shams and then finally add a sports comforter.

Sports Bedroom Accessories

How can the sports bedroom decoration be complete with the right accessories completing the look. There are several sports bedroom accessories right from rugs to lamps, wall hangings to posters, all that is needed is to pick the right accessory for you. Some of the popular sports bedroom decor accessories are bean bag chairs, sports lamps and a large hamper to store all his sports equipments like balls, bats, etc. You can also hang a sports door plaque with his name on it.

If the sports bedroom is a big one then consider adding a display rack to it. The display rack can be used to display different sports items or collectibles making it a cozy corner for your son or daughter sports bedroom.

By adding these small tits bits you can easily put together the sports bedroom decor for your son or daughter. Sports bedroom decor is fun and your teen will not get bored of it easily. So dress up the room with a sports lookÖ

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