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Feng Shui

Feng Shui pronounced, as “fung shway” is a scientific approach to the principal of the different flow of energy around us. When the word is literally translated from Chinese it means “wind” and “water.” Feng Shui believes that everything around us is interconnected in some way or the other. For most of us Feng Shui is limited to wind chimes and bamboo plants with hardly any knowledge on how these elements work or where to place them.

When working on the different rooms and sections, Feng Shui plays a very important role in balancing all the elements. To start with lets look at Feng Shui with its three paths of energy and make it work for our growth and well-being.

Paths of Energy

One of the most common rules while going for Feng Shui decor is to ensure that the path of energy whether good or bad should not flow through your home. This happens when you have windows directly across each other or have doors directly in front of a window. When on one hand you have good energy flowing in your house on one day, then the next day will see bad or negative energy as well. When bad energy flows through your house, it causes bad luck and pain. Though this bad energy can definitely flow out of your house, the harm it causes is irreparable.

Have Plenty of Windows

One of the Feng Shui elements is that when you open up a window to allow sunlight to come in, only the positive energy should flow in. To make this happen, go through the first point and see how the windows of your apartment or house are. Your window should have direct natural sunlight without any hindrance in its way.

Kitchen and Feng Shui

Kitchen acts as the foundation for the well being and health of your entire family. One way to have all positive energy flowing in is to paint your kitchen in yellow color or some other pastel shade.

Home Furniture

Placing of the furniture matters a lot in Feng Shui. Once you start arranging the furniture start working your way with the larger furnishings like the couch, bed, television, armoire etc. When placing these furniture’s make sure that you have enough space to move around without banging into anything. Ask yourself the simple question, if you require the furniture in that room or it is better suited for some other room. This will also help you remove any unnecessary clutter that is lying around.

Do away with Clutter

One of the most important elements of Feng Shui is to remove all type of dirt and clutter around you. You can’t have positive energy around you, if you are sitting in a mess. So get down to cleaning and brushing your things. Don’t overlook that messy bed or that hidden dirt behind the closet.

Also try to stay away from negative and depressed people. Also take a closer look at yourself. Bad habits are equally dangerous as per Feng Shui. So if you smoke, drink excessively or don’t maintain personal hygiene then it is suggested that you change that. Once you have got rid of all the negative elements around you, Feng Shui will help you make your life simpler and better.

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