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Feng Shui Apartment

Homes and apartments are the trend of today and making your apartment Feng Shui friendly will help in moving positive energy throughout your home. But with ready to move in apartments it is becoming a challenge to apply Feng Shui in appropriate directions. Feng Shui provides both the guidelines and tools for correcting and modifying the energy flow in your living space. So here we bring some simple tips to improve the flow of chi in your Feng Shui Apartment.

If you have a large doorway then it will lead to the Chi escaping out of your apartment. However it can be balanced by placing wind chimes outside the door. On the other hand if a doorway is too small then it will not allow enough chi to enter the apartment. One can fix this problem by placing a mirror on either side of the door or on a wall opposite the door. There should not be any shoes or slippers lying outside the main entrance of the apartment. Allow the space to be clear and free. The Chi moves with the wind and will collect the smell of footwear and cause sickness. As the Chi moves it looks for water to stay and if it doesn’t find any source of water then it moves along with the wind.

In the entrance hall of your apartment have adequate number of windows so that there is no stagnant Chi. One can also alternatively add mirrors or a small water fountain or aquarium in the room. One also needs to keep in mind that there should never be a marble dining room table in your house as this could lead to added pressures at work. To improve the situation one can go for a wooden table. The dining room furniture like the chairs shouldn’t restrict the doorways. There should always be ample space for people to walk around the table comfortably. It is also important to have even number of dining room chairs and always try to seat a guest facing the doorway.

The next important thing that is the basic of Feng Shui is doing away with all clutter. But this is easier said than done. If you have things packed in boxes that you are undecided on whether to store or use then put them properly and cleanly. Don’t let these boxes be neglected with dust collecting on them. Cover them up with a neat cloth and put some decorative item like flowers on it.

Colors also play a significant role in Feng Shui apartments. Select colors that will make your room look attractive and spacious. One can experiment with light and dark shades according to the size of the room and the color coordination of the complete apartment.

Furniture is another essential part of any apartment. Feng Shui suggests that select furniture with rounded corners instead of sharp edges and go for lighter furniture like wicker. This avoids in giving the room a heavy and solid look.

Pay special attention to the home lighting. Use proper lighting in small spaces. Use of sheer curtains and blinds is a good way to give light and privacy to your apartment. Also add some plants to your apartment. It will give a comfortable and happy look to your house.

Kitchen is a very important part of the Feng Shui apartment. Do not allow trash or debris to build up in the kitchen, on the floors, in the sink, refrigerator or on the counters. Ensure that your stove is in proper working condition as it is considered the symbol of wealth in a Chinese home.

Finally keep in mind what you are using to decorate your walls. Are there images that are emitting a negative feeling like anger, disappointment, sadness etc. then they are surely not for your apartment.

Adding Feng Shui to your apartment is not difficult. All we need to do is be alert and conscious of the space around us.

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