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   DreamHomeDecors > Feng Shui > Feng Shui for Bedroom

Feng Shui for Bedroom

Bedroom is your sanctum of peace and relaxation. It is the one room of your house where you are completely comfortable and one with yourself. Not to mention it is the most personal space of the house as well. Feng Shui for bedroom is one of the simplest ways to bring in positive energy. Give a balance to your bedroom as Feng Shui takes a close look at the directions, colors and the use of natural materials. Here are some quick tips and suggestions to make your bedroom Feng Shui friendly giving it a restful ambience.

The Bedroom

Preferably the bedroom should be as far as possible from the front door. According to Feng Shui, chi travels between the rooms and windows, so your bed and bedroom should not be directly in the way of this energy flow. The bedroom should always have the right temperature along with good circulation of air. Having a clutter free room is the essentials for Feng Shui. Keep your bedroom restful. To renew the chi in your bedroom, change the bed sheets regularly. Let the sheets be made of natural materials like cotton, silk etc. avoid the synthetic stuff. Also the curtains should be clean. Plants and aquariums are not for the bedroom. Keep them away from the bedroom. Electronic items like TV, computer and fitness gadgets should be kept away from the bedroom. If it is not possible, then cover them at night. Paper work and books are also not for your bedroom. Try to find another place for them. Buzzing alarms are also an absolute no. if you require alarms for getting up in the morning, then go for the softer tones.

Feng Shui Bed Placement

The bed is the primary furniture in the bedroom. So while placing your bed, position it as far away from the door as possible. Also your head or feet should never be towards the door. However make sure that the door is clearly visible from the bed. This strengthens the internal security of the people. Also it is suggested that the bed has a strong headrest. The Chi energy enters and exits the body through primarily three places, the feet, hands and the top of the skull. So having a good headboard is beneficial rather than facing the wall directly. If your bed also has bedside tables then they should have rounded edges and not the square ones. This helps in preventing the cutting chi being focused towards the occupants of the room. If two people share the bed then there should be matching side tables at either sides to give a sense of stability and protection in the relationship. Also the placement of the bed shouldn’t be up against the wall, especially if two people share the bed. Keep it at an equal distance. This is very important for the relationship. If the bed is crammed in one corner, then it gives more freedom of chi on the open side whereas the other partner feels completely pushed and stuck. The bed should also be strong and stable and not the rickety type that can fall apart at any point.

If you want to place other furniture items around the bed then the taller ones should be placed to the left of the bed while the shorter ones go on the right. The foot of the bed should be clear according to Feng Shui so that there is clarity of vision and thought. The Feng Shui bed placement also suggests that the bed should not be below windows. If it is not possible then cover the windows with curtains at night. Mirrors should also not reflect the bed. For getting the best of the Feng Shui charms work on the southwest corner of your bedroom while the head of the bed facing the north.

Feng Shui Bedroom Colors

Colors play a vital role in Feng Shui for bedrooms. Pastel colors are the ideal for bedrooms. Too bright colors like flashy red are not for this room. However a touch of red can always be there to give a romantic look. The best Feng Shui colors for bedroom are violets, lavenders, yellows, blues and whites. If you want to have a romantic bedroom element then one can also go for pinks. According to Feng Shui sleeping is a yin activity and bright colors create hindrance in stimulating peace and rest. Create a soothing atmosphere with the right combination of colors.

Feng Shui Bedroom Lighting

The bedroom lighting should be dim and soft. Avoid the glaring fluorescent lights. Even the night-lights should be soft and gentle. Go for soft lampshades at either sides of the bed to create a romantic ambience in the room. Red and floating candles also do wonders for the bedroom.

En-suite Bedroom

Most of the modern style decor has en-suite bedrooms. If this is the case for your bedroom as well then keep the bathroom door closed at all times. It is also advised to have a bamboo wind chime at the entrance of the bathroom to reduce the negative vibes of the bathroom. Also keep the toilet lid down at all times. Having live plants in the bathroom is also suggested.

Follow these simple Feng Shui bedroom tips and see the improvement in your world.

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