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   DreamHomeDecors > Feng Shui >Feng Shui Wall Art For Bedrooms

Feng Shui Wall Art For Bedrooms

 Feng Shui Wall Art For Couples Bedroom

Feng Shui wall art for bedrooms needs to be a little different as compared to wall art for other rooms. On one side you need to balance total energy or chi flow of your home and on the other side there has to be a smoothing selection of colors to give you that warm feeling. To select Feng Shui in bedroom wall art it is important to keep the placement also in mind as it will have an effect on your relationships as well. Let the wall art sync with the lamps, throw rugs and other elements in your bedroom.

Feng Shui Art for Bedrooms

Just because it is the bedroom we try to in cooperate just about everything in it. However, overdoing anything is not good. Here are some of the things you should avoid when selecting Feng Shui wall art for your bedroom. These Feng Shui symbols should also be avoided as placements in your bedroom.

Water fountains
Dark and bold wall colors. (check our section on bedroom wall colors)
Water paintings or pictures
Cold and dry winter scenes in the form of art. Anything that depicts alienation
Flowers or plants artwork
Dried or fresh plants and flowers
Pictures or wall art depicting violence
Deitiesí pictures
Dragon or violent animal pictures
Artwork depicting sadness, pain or hardship.
Wall art depicting singular objects in a coupleís bedroom
Old mementos, pictures of deceased.

Feng Shui Wall Art for Couples Bedroom

When selecting Feng Shui wall art for couples the most important thing to keep in mind is that it should reflect the personality of couples. Before putting anything up on bedroom walls, couples need to identify the weak elements in their relationship that they need to work on. If everything looks good, then they work on strengthening elements like intimacy, affection, privacy etc. Go for strong Feng Shui wall art symbols that depict love and warmth in your relationship. One of the things that is interesting is handmade artisan work that reflects marital bliss in pairs.

Feng Shui Art for Single Adult's Bedroom

When you think of bedroom wall art it is not just limited to couples. If you want to decorate Feng Shui wall art in a single adultís bedroom then go for Chinese symbols that depict happiness, tranquility, rest and things you are passionate about. You can put sculptures of lovers and wall arts in the northwest corner of the bedroom. Place the bed in a fashion that it faces a window with an open area if possible.

Feng Shui Art for Childrenís Bedroom

Childrenís bedroom wall art has to be lively and beautiful. Select artwork that shows happiness around them. Go for bright color, soft friendly animals, natural beauty, hobbies etc. as wall art for childrenís bedroom. In childrenís bedroom, you can also add pictures of family, loving parents depicting the warmth and support around them. Keep minimum clutter in the bedroom and let them explore their own space.

Positive Feng Shui ideas
Lot of natural lighting wherever possible.
Soft artificial lighting like candles and lamps
Pictures of fire elements
Relaxing view of nature from bedroom windows.
Nature paintings, but not water
Lot of books but uncluttered bookshelves
Art forms depicting love, peace and calmness
Photographs of special moments for couples
Share with us more interesting wall art for bedroom ideas and letís make this important room the paradise we come home to everyday.

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