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Feng Shui Numbers

Feng Shui numbers play a very important role in the life of each one of us. According to Chinese Feng Shui every person has a personal Feng Shui number or a Kua number thatís based on his or her birth date. However the calculation of the Feng Shui or Kua number should be done according to the Chinese calendar if you are born in January or early February. Let us see a quick way to calculate the Feng Shui numbers. The calculation of the Kua number is done according to your birth year and gender.

So for example you are a female with the birth year being: 1968
1. add the last two numbers of your birth year: 1968 =6+8=14
2. reduce the sum to a single number: 4+1=5
3. add this single number by itself: 5+5 =10
4. reduce the sum to a single number: 1+0=1

Your personal Feng Shui number or Kua number is 1

If you are a male with your birth year as 1968 then:

1. add the last two numbers of your birth year: 1968 =6+8=14
2. reduce the sum to a single number: 4+1=5
3. subtract 10: 10-5 =5
4. reduce the sum to a single number: 5

Your personal Feng Shui number or Kua number is 5

Please note if personal kua number is 5 you are assigned the personal kua number of 2.

Feng Shui House Numbers

Feng Shui house numbers is based on the homephone principles. Homephone means having the same sound but with different meanings. Therefore according to Feng Shui words that have similar sounds make lucky and unlucky numbers. A good house number will have a combination of both odd as well as even numbers. Odd numbers are yang and even numbers are yin.

Lucky Feng Shui Numbers

Lucky Feng Shui numbers should be based on the primary language in the home. There are a variety of words in each number that can make it lucky or unlucky. Eight is known as a lucky number as it sounds like prosperous in Cantonese. Other than this we can also look into yin and yang numbers that together balance the Feng Shui numbers of the house.

Yang Numbers: Odd Numbers: 1, 3, 5, 7...

Yin Numbers: Even Numbers: 2, 4, 6, 8...

For houses yang numbers are more advantageous as compared to yin numbers as they represent growth and prosperity.

Unlucky Feng Shui Numbers

According to Chinese numerology 4 and 13 are unlucky numbers. The number 13 adds up to 4 and four sounds like death in Cantonese. However 4 number may not affect you if the pronunciation of this number doesnít sound like death in youíre your language. Four is also known to pour in money, so it is not that bad after all. However if your house is considered unlucky then there is a very simple solution to it as well. Place a circle around your house or purchase a circular house plate for the number. This remedy will help cease all the negative elements.

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