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Feng Shui Coins

Feng Shui is an ancient science and it works on various symbols with Feng Shui coins being one of the prominent ones. Feng Shui coins are known to increase income. The Feng Shui coins are generally arranged in the set of three, tied with a red ribbon symbolizing the unity of man, earth, and heaven called the Tien-di-Ren. By carrying these three tied Feng Shui coins one can attract personal wealth and bring prosperity and wealth in the household.

The Feng Shui coin has a square in the middle with four different Chinese symbols around it. This square represents the energy of the earth while the round shape of the coin represents the energy of the heaven. When the red ribbon is tied in different ways it represents different types of luck and can interpret the inflow of Chi in various ways. Other than being the Chinese symbol of wealth and prosperity, they are also known to fight off negative energy that can be source of diseases, physical harm and bad luck.

Placing Feng Shui Coin

The best place to put a Feng Shui coin is the northwest side of the house. According to bagua map, the northwest of any place corresponds to prosperity life area and therefore placing Feng Shui coins is known to be beneficial. Some people hang Feng Shui coins from their front door in certain positions to block the negative energy from entering their houses and affecting their lives. The Feng Shui coins can also be hung around in places of business like near a cash register or around bank tellers to help create wealth for the people around them.

According to Feng Shui specifications, the best house area for placing Feng Shui coins is the northwest. According to the bagua map, the northwest of any space corresponds to the prosperity life area, and therefore, placing Feng Shui coins there would be very helpful and beneficial. You can also use them in order to protect or increase the income at a business by placing these coins by the cash register or any other place containing money. Feng Shui coins can also be placed according to its main element, metal. In your house wherever there is lack of metal element, Feng Shui coins can be added to create harmony at the same time protecting the income and maximizing luck.

Types of Feng Shui Coins

In Feng Shui there are more than hundred types of coin representing a variety of themes like prosperity, luck and abundance coins. On one side of the coins there are four characters “Bao Chuen Yong Fu” meaning “Forever Prosperous” while on the other side there are eight characters, "Fu Zhai Yien Chien, Re Re Sheng Chai," meaning "Good Fortune Ahead, Wealth Multiplies Daily.”

There are also Feng Shui coins that provide powerful protection as amulets apart from bringing good fortune. These contain two significant symbols of protection; eight trigrams of the Pa Kua and twelve animal signs that represent the earthly branches. These Feng Shui coins are used to keep evil away and are attached to the doorknob on the inside of the house or room. To ensure these Feng Shui coins are appropriately used, the coins with the eight trigrams are flat against the door while the side with the twelve animal signs faces the inside of the house.

Significance Of The Color Red

The red color is one of the most important and prominent colors for the Chinese. It is viewed as bright and lucky and is also associated with a drive to be wealthy and prosperous and the fire element. Since it is a symbol of good fortune at the Chinese New Year, children are given little red packets and envelopes filled with money wishing them good luck for the coming year. The red color is also associated with moving away evil spirits and bringing happiness and prosperity. according to Feng Shui when three coins are tied together with a red colored cloth it is a symbol of income and prosperity.

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