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Feng Shui Dragons

Feng Shui dragons are one of the traditional and powerful symbols of yang and is often referred to as ‘masculine.’ It is known to be a symbol of success and prosperity. Feng Shui dragons are known to bring equilibrium and balance to the space one lives in. A Feng Shui dragon symbolizes success and therefore placing it in the right direction can help to give the best results.

Dragons are mostly associated with the east and therefore placing a Feng Shui Dragon in the east side of the house is especially beneficial. Placing a dragon there would bring in positive effect and help the family members to become successful and prosperous. One should however remember that dragons are an active symbol so it shouldn’t be placed in a bedroom or any other room where one is seeking rest and relaxation. On the other hand Feng Shui dragons are ideal for rooms where there is activity and energy required.

Feng Shui dragons are also associated with number nine and according to Chinese traditions this is the number of luck and having it symbolizes the dragon would attract good luck. Let’s look at some of the different kinds of dragons and find out its significance.

Dragon Of Abundance

This Feng Shui dragon is known to bring good tidings and is a symbol of abundance. In ancient China the dragon of abundance was known to bring rain and every year offerings were given to the dragon to have a good harvest. Place the dragon of abundance in your home and there will be good tidings and abundance. If it is placed facing outside then it will bring good weather.

Dragon Of Ambition

Dragon of ambition is a symbol of success and achievement and when placed in the office or study area brings status and power. The Dragon of ambition is associated with an ancient Chinese legend of a carp and a dragon gate. If a carp can leap over the dragon gate it will be changed into a mighty dragon. It is a very difficult task and but impossible and only a few could accomplish it.

Dragon Of Fame

Dragon of fame is one of the stronger of the Feng Shui dragons. Having the pearl of prosperity in its talon this dragon is useful for any person. The pearl is known to hold riches that are not only material but also give happiness and wisdom. This Feng Shui dragon can be placed in any room and will bring both luck and fame to office and home equally.

Dragon Of Life

The Dragon of life is supposed to be filled with positive energies and is known to be the bringer of good health and wishes. This Feng Shui dragon is a wonderful get-well soon gift and is sure to bring good wishes for everyone. The dragon of life is also beneficial when moving into a new home or starting some new venture.

Phoenix And Dragon

The Phoenix and the dragon are known as the perfect couple one is true Yin and the other a complete Yang. They support and complement each other like life partners. When put together they not only strengthen relationships but even bring back the warmth of togetherness in the relationship with the fiery energy of the Phoenix. Place the phoenix and the dragon in your bedroom to enhance romance and luck.

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