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Feng Shui Wind Elements

Feng Shui is based on the philosophy that all living or inanimate things are based on the five elements of nature. These elements are water, wood, fire, metal, and earth. Like people each of these Feng Shui elements have their unique characteristics that help them in getting along with other elements or to even fight against the elements if the balance is not right. These five elements play an important role in balancing the chi of your home. Balancing these five Feng Shui elements in a proper manner can bring in wealth and prosperity in your home world. Letís take a look at these five elements of Feng Shui and surround us with positive energy.


Wood is for: Intuition.
Yang=tree, Yin=flower
Sense: Vision & seeing
Chi Qualities: Trust, openness, receptive, inner guidance, progressive in thought and action, flexibility, expansion, cooperation, continual new growth.
Symbols: Wooden furniture & accessories wood paneling, siding, roofing, decks, kitchen cabinets, wicker, bamboo, picture frames. Indoor & outdoor plants & flowers. Art depicting landscapes, gardens, pants, flowers, carvings floral prints, upholstery, draperies, linens, natural fiber, hemp, flax, rayon.
Shapes: Columns, tree trunk, beams, pedestals, poles, stripes.
Colors: Brown, Green and blue spectrum
Excess: Over-expansive and overwhelming
Lack: Bonsai: under grown, lack of trust, skeptical, scientific, stunted growth

Wood is the Feng Shui element of creative and innovative energy. If we have large amounts of wood in the surroundings we will be able to express ourselves in a creative manner. Wood can be supple and bending or strong and unyielding. The primary color of wood element is green, the season of spring and the direction it should be applied on is east. Wood also represents birth and early childhood. Wood can be used to promote motivation, inspiration and passion without having an overwhelming feeling in your home.


Fire is for: Emotional
Yang=blazing fire, Yin=oil lamp.
Sense: Touch. Digestion.
Chi Qualities: Dynamic vitality, enthusiasm, excitement, decisiveness, assertiveness, creativity, originality, leadership, motivation, emotional balance. Ancient fire ceremonies, gathering around a hearth, Acupuncture (touch). TV is our current "fire".
Symbols: All lighting, electricity, oil, candles, sunlight, fireplaces. Things from animals: fur, leather, bone, feathers, wool. Pets & wildlife, Art depicting people, animals, fish, butterflies, sunshine, light, fire.
Shapes: Triangles, pyramids, cones, stars, diamonds.
Colors: The color red & red spectrum, Strong Yellow, Orange, Purple
Excess: Aggression, anger, impatience, impulsive, overly ambitious. Burn out, crash and burn.
Lack: Lack of enthusiasm, lethargic, dull, cold, unmotivated. Lack-luster, cool as a cucumber.

Fire is one of the very powerful Feng Shui elements representing energy and enthusiasm but if not balanced can also be the sign of danger. If there is too much fire element in the home it can be destructive. Where on one side fire warms and cheers it can also burn and destroy. Fire is the element of natural leader. Fire element in Feng Shui represents red, summer and south. It is also a representation of the growing years before puberty. Fire element works in the south direction and it should not be mixed with the water element.


Earth is for: Physical
Yang=planet, Yin=mother
Sense: Taste
Chi Qualities: Fertility, practicality, stability, sensuality, being grounded, organized.
Symbols: Adobe, brick tile, ceramics, earthenware, pottery, soil. Art depicting landscapes, deserts, fields, meadows, and grids.
Shapes: Square, rectangles, long, flat surfaces.
Colors: Yellow, earth tones
Excess: Overly disciplined, anal, serious, and conservative.
Lack: Spacey, ungrounded, disconnected, lacking stability, shaky, barren.

Feng Shui element earth gives the sense of stability and also is important in real estate and legacies. Earth element can be especially beneficial in space that has too much of movement. Earth is the symbol of patience, honesty, and methodical behavior. However on the other side it can also be suffocating and demanding. Earth is represented by the color yellow, the center the teenage years.


Metal is for: Mental
Yang=scaffolding, Yin=gemstone
Sense: Smell
Chi Qualities: Mental clarity, determination, concentration, perseverance, wit, brilliant even during hardship or failure. Connective, quick, networks, communicates.
Symbols: All types of metals, stainless steel, copper, silver, gold, brass, iron, aluminum, pewter. All rocks and stones, marble, granite, flagstone, concrete, all natural crystals, rocks and gemstones. Art depicting metal or stone, sculptures of metal or stone. Floral prints, upholstery, draperies, linens, natural fiber, hemp, flax, rayon.
Shapes: Circles, ovals, arches.
Colors: White and light pastels
Excess: Rigid, unable to compromise, fixed, stuck, sharp tongue, isolated.
Lack: Weak, indecisive, procrastination, dull, cloudy, foggy, unclear, indeterminate, non-specific, spineless.
Metal is many times referred to as gold and suggests harvest, business and success. The success is generally financial success. On the other hand metal can also suggest sword, knife and can be destructive and violent. Metal is mostly represented by the color white but it can also be gold. It is the symbol of autumn and works best in the west direction. Metal element represents the adult years.


Water is for: Spiritual
Yang=ocean, Yin= ponds, lakes
Sense: Hearing
Chi Qualities: Mystical, meditative, relaxed, calm, flowing, trusting the higher order, synchronistic. Water takes on the shape of its container. Water always seeks its lowest level.
Symbols: Streams, rivers, pools, fountains, water features. Reflective surfaces, cut crystal, mirrors, glass. Art depicting waterscapes.
Shapes: Asymmetrical, flowing, free-form, movement, natural forms.
Colors: Black, dark blue, charcoal gray, midnight blue, indigo,
Excess: No structure, passive, inconsistent, "wishy-washy", yin.
Lack: Anxiety, inability to handle stress, need to dominate, lack of flow, disconnected to spirit, dry, combustible.

Water Feng Shui element is the symbol of travel, communication and learning. It is also linked to literature, arts and the media. Water can be both gentle like soft rainfall and violent like a hurricane. Water is said to nourish all things. The colors representing Feng Shui water element is black with the season being winter and direction north. Water is the symbol of the final years and old age. Water can both bring prosperity and drain prosperity. Like a trickling fountain can be a symbol of networking, communication, professional opportunities and wealth. However a running sink or toilet water that is wasting away can be a signal of monetary loss and poor health.

Balancing these five elements of Feng Shui can bring in prosperity and happiness in your world.

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