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Feng Shui Colors

Colors play an important role in Feng Shui. Every color can be to a large extent be related to an element of nature. Through the selection of the right color the chi energy in your life can greatly be affected. Colors in a household are selected to enhance the peace and calmness of the environment. Also to a large extent we are aware that Feng Shui colors also have a symbolic significance to them. The main thing is to incorporate these Feng Shui colors in our houses and our lives as well. The primary concept behind the use of colors to keep large backgrounds and areas pale and have accent colors on other objects like furniture etc. So letís take a look at the different primary Feng Shui colors and how that can welcome positive vibes in our home.

Five Elements of Feng Shui

The five Feng Shui elements are Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal. All these elements are connected to each other and when placed at the right directions of the house can have a positive effect on the household. Water is best identified by water elements. However the blue color also creates the similar feel. Wood is best identified by live plants but a wall painted in green color can have the same effect. The element fire is identified in homes by placing the stove or oven in the right direction. But if we are talking about colors then red is the color that is best represented for fire. Earth element is represented by earthen objects that are made of soil, stone clay or even concrete. For colors light to dark tones of yellow and orange are the representatives of earth. Metal element is added to the homes by different types of decor and furnishings that are made of copper, brass, iron or even steel. The colors that can give a similar feel are gold, silver, white and gray.

Now letís take a closer look at the other important colors of Feng Shui and their significance and influence.

Yellow Color

Yellow color is a symbol of good luck and brings in joy, wisdom and creativity in your life. According to Feng Shui yellow color indicates flexibility and adaptability. This color is known to uplift your mood giving you an optimistic feel and improve your over all feeling of well-being. But if this color is used in excess then it can give birth to irritability and negative emotions as well. So when using yellow color in the house, remember not to make it over powering.

Orange Color

Orange is a happy color for homes. It is a symbol of optimism, enthusiasm and confidence. Orange is a color that is used by therapists to solve a range of problems ranging from asthma to thyroid. So remember when you are applying red color to your home you are welcoming positive energy in your homes.

Red Color

As we have already seen, red is the color of fire. This Feng Shui color is a symbol of strength and love. This color brings in a sense of excitement and decoration. However if this color is used in a wrong direction of the house then it can generate fear and uncontrolled anger.

Soft Pinks

Pinks and magentas give a feeling of contentment and wholeness. Of course pinks are always associated with romance, therefore in homes this Feng Shui color is applied to the bedroom of young couples.


Green is a color that balances itself between warm and cool colors, giving a sense of balance to your home. According to Feng Shui green is a symbol of nature and has both a restful as well as an energizing effect. Having green color in the house can bring in peace and relaxing feeling.


Another favorite for home wall color is purple. This color has a smooth and calming effect and is best used in meditation or prayer rooms. Due to its soothing qualities purple color can be put in bedrooms as well. It has a healing quality that gives a feeling of well being.

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