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Feng Shui Decorations

Home decorations with a purpose are the mantra of today. The decorative antiques and expensive showpieces are out dated. Now it is all about simple talismans that add to the decor of your home and also usher in positive energies. Feng Shui and Vastu have many decorative items that not only make your house look attractive and unique but bring in positive channels of energy as well. Let’s take a look at the different Feng Shui decorations for your house and make your home an abode of goodness and a shield against all negative energy.

Egyptian Eye Decoration Piece

Are you always thinking that that your home shouldn’t catch the evil eye of someone? Then how about putting the Egyptian Eye of Horus around the house. Place this decoration talisman somewhere it is easily noticed by the visitors and protect your home from all type of evil onlookers.

Keep Thieves at Bay with Rock salt

Home decor and Feng Shui go a long way. So when you sit down to think about Feng Shui decorations we decide upon expensive accessories to adorn our homes. But if you are thinking of keeping all types of bad elements away from your home like thieves then the remedy lies in your home only. Simply take some rock salt and put it in a decorative urn in four different corners of your house. One has of course heard about the well-known wind chimes and their positive energy. So place them around as decoration items in your house. Another great Feng Shui home decoration idea is the use of candles. Different color candles add charm to the existing ambience. For example one can go for red and yellow candles to usher in prosperity and happiness in your world.

The Magic of Red

Prosperity and harmony is the strength of every home. Red is the color that can help you get this good fortune very easily. No doubt the Chinese add red to their decorations in abundance. One can use red color in the furnishings and even the upholstery. This red color is sure to bring in positive energy in your world.

Another important Feng Shui motif is the dragon. A Feng Shui dragon is considered as a symbol of good luck. All you need to do is depict dragons around your house. You can put them on curtains, can make paper screens or even include dragon fixtures as an interior decoration.

Add Some Color

Colors of our home are very important for decorations. The most widely used colors for interiors are off whites and other neutral shades that give a natural look. So this time when you get down to paint your house then go for opaque white rice paper room with the contrast of black wooden frames and get a home where calmness and peace are the main elements. If you want to paint your house according to Vastu then go in for yellows, greens and light pastel shades to color your home.

Significant Feng Shui Decoration Items

  • A Chinese lantern in red brings prosperity in your home.
  • Candles are a symbol of peace and calmness.
  • The dragon decorative piece is a symbol of complete good luck.
  • A laughing Buddha made of porcelain brings prosperity in your life.
  • Bamboo plants are known to attract fortune and good luck.

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