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Feng Shui Garden

Feng Shui garden is one of the easiest way to bring in positive energy in your home garden world. Feng Shui works on the principle that by placing things in appropriate directions there is a beneficial flow of Chi and these can create positive changes in your health, wealth and relationships. In this section we will see how to bring in positive Feng Shui in your home garden by making some easy changes in your garden. Before we begin letís look at some of the basic fundamentals to make your Feng Shui garden.

  • Paths should never be straight. Let them curve through your home garden. If the path is straight the chi energy will move too quickly towards your house. However a curved path helps chi energy to move slowly and freely. If you already have straight paths then put some plants over them so that chi can circulate around them.

  • A Feng Shui garden should have living spaces so that family members and friends can enjoy a relaxing time in the garden. Add some trees and shrubs, as these will provide privacy and protection to the back of the garden.

  • Add some water features to your Feng Shui garden like pools, ponds and fountains. They not only enhance the beauty of the home garden but also encourage positive chi symbolizing prosperity. However make sure that the water is not stagnant and there are no leaks.

Types Of Plants

Selecting the right kind of plants for your Feng Shui garden is very important. Avoid having cactus or plants that have spikes as they lead to aggression and tension. Plants with soft tender leaves are very auspicious. Overbearing large trees at the front of the house are not good. Have them at a maximum height of two thirds of the house. Try to have your garden filled with colorful plants all year long to attract good energy and enhancement of looks as well.

Have jasmine in your garden as these lifts the spirits of the depressed or those having martial problems. Plant it in the southwest direction to improve relationships or in the southeast to improve money luck. Lavender is one more wonderful plant that can be placed anywhere in your garden. It has healing and aroma properties and if placed below a bedroom window can promote good sleep. Rosemary is also a good plant and helps in bad memory and can be planted in the southwest direction in the Feng Shui garden.

Lights and Ornaments

Lights and ornaments for the Feng Shui garden is one of the excellent ways to add some glamour to your home garden. Well we are not suggesting grand or expensive Victorian lighting but something simple enough to charm your garden. Proper use of lights can energize stagnant areas of your home garden and if placed around the boundaries of your home can bring good luck. Small lights are great for attracting good chi in your home and garden.

A light placed in the south corner of the garden and switched only for a few hours in the evening can bring good luck and will also excite fire energy. For stability in relationships place a light in the southwest direction. For improving your romantic life add some light to the west side of your garden. These lights can be simple like a jam jar with a tea light inside.

Ornaments are the best way to deck up your home garden and also balance the odd shapes and missing corner of your house. It can be as simple as a typical statue or a large pot with plants, or urn and bird bathes. It is best to go for heavy items as this creates stability and always remember to keep the garden size in mind.

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