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Feng Shui Kitchen

Feng Shui in kitchen is as important as in any other part of the house. Feng Shui associates the kitchen with health and prosperity, and the position of the kitchen can have a major influence on your family. One of the most elementary things to do for Feng Shui kitchen is to keep it clean and tidy as much as possible. An unkempt kitchen with stale food will do more harm than any good. So try to keep the kitchen organized as much as possible. Avoid excess of food stored away. It is not good from hygiene point of view and from Feng Shui as well.

Feng Shui kitchen lays emphasis on fresh things like organic foods, fresh fruits and vegetables etc. but remember to throw out all food that has started to decay. The next very important thing in Feng Shui kitchen is the stove. The kitchen stove should be in good working condition; otherwise it can lead to problems in financial resources. An unused stove in the kitchen signifies overlooked opportunities. So use your kitchen burner regularly, rather than doing all the cooking in the microwave only. Another great way to make your kitchen Feng Shui friendly is by hanging mirror to the stove burners so that it gives an impression of double the number of burners. This would signify double income, abundance of good food, enhanced health and better income.

Position of Feng Shui Kitchen

Balancing fire and water element is very important in the kitchen. So the stove and sink should never be parallel to each other according to Feng Shui. Also if they are directly opposite each other, it can lead to arguments and conflicts in the family. One way to balance this is by placing something green between them like a plant. A traditional Feng Shui kitchen would be triangular in shape with the fridge, sink and stove making for each point. The ideal distance between these appliances should be six to eight foot. Also if possible the cook should face the door while cooking rather than having back towards it.

Kitchen Colors

Kitchen wall colors are very important according to Feng Shui. Wall colors representing the fire element like red, pink, purple should be completely avoided in the kitchen. These colors cause disharmony and lead to arguments in the household. On the other hand colors like white, beige, light green and blue give a soothing effect.

Important Feng Shui Tips for Kitchen

  • Stale food should be disposed off as soon as possible. This will prevent the loss of good Chi energy.
  • Utensils should be neatly organized and easily found.
  • Empty out garbage every night so that door opens to new opportunities.
  • Always clean spills around the oven stove and microwave so that the chances of repeated arguments is greatly reduced.
  • Avoid having the microwave and toaster near the seating area as this can lead to emotional disturbances and other problems with the family members.
  • To reduce financial stress in the family sweep and mop the kitchen on a regular basis.
  • Have fresh bowl of fruit in the number nine on the kitchen table for good health.
  • Store your knife blades and kitchen scissors in a drawer rather than showing it as these tools can cause conflict and anxiety.
  • Try to keep your kitchen containers half full most of the time as this will signify abundance of energy.
So make your kitchen Feng Shui friendly and bring prosperity and well being into your family.

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