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   DreamHomeDecors > Feng Shui > Feng Shui Mirrors

Feng Shui Mirrors

Feng Shui mirrors are not simply mirrors used to see your own reflection. In fact Feng Shui mirrors can help to attract, move or change the flow of energy. By aptly using a mirror in Feng Shui one can adjust the energy levels quite easily. Also it goes without mention that mirrors are a great decoration piece. Mirrors are known to reflect back whatever it sees and this goes for energy as well. By placing a Feng Shui mirror facing something negative in your space, it would reflect it back and wouldnít let it affect you negatively. Therefore if there is a shape or object in your house that causes disharmony in your houseís energy then mirrors are the best way to fix it. In this section we will look at some simple ways in which feng shui mirrors can help in giving a unique touch to your home decorations as well as balance the different energy levels around the house.

Bagua Mirrors

Bagua mirrors are also one type of feng shui mirrors that are made by the Feng Shui experts according to the calculations based on kua number and the date and year of birth of the head of the house. The bagua mirrors are placed according to the direction of the house. But the most important difference is that they are always hung outside the house and never inside.

Bagua mirrors have the capacity to deflect the negative energy sources coming from various features like harsh corners, tall poles, trees etc. These mirrors are based on yin energy and therefore are not suitable for indoors. Though these mirrors are a bit expensive as compared to the ordinary feng shui mirrors they are very auspicious. Imagine you have a tree standing in front of your gate or a tall electric pole you simply canít remove, then ask the Feng Shui expert to make a Bagua mirror to bring positive energy inside the house.

Placing Feng Shui Mirrors

Now letís see some places where placing a feng shui mirror can make a great difference. Read through these tips and suggestions and decorate your home wit different feng shui mirrors and attract positive energies to your home.
  • If you have a low ceiling area that is giving a push down effect then placing a feng shui mirror facing the ceiling is going to help in giving height to the area. Place the mirror at a spot above your head level so that it reflects the ceiling back before it reaches you.
  • If you require one decorative object in a specific spot but simply canít have it there then feng shui mirrors can reflect it for you, exactly where you need it.
  • Placing a mirror behind a stove or burner will give a double reflection bringing prosperity in your life.
  • A mirror when placed in a front entrance brings in good energy flow, especially if the door opens up to a wall or stairway. The reflection will help improve opportunities in your life. But always remember that the position of the mirror should be such that your head should be completely visible from the mirror. Too high or too low cutting your head is not good.
  • Feng Shui mirrors bring the water element into the space so they are absolutely perfect for the career area of the home.

Mirrors are not Desirable InÖ

Feng shui mirrors donít work out for every place and corner of your house. For example mirrors placed at the end of a long hallway only reflect a longer hallway, so it is an absolute no there. Similarly if a room is filled with clutter then mirrors will only make the place look more cluttered and shabby. Also feng shui mirrors in bedrooms can be startling especially when the person wakes up.

Let mirrors give depth to your home decor, so trying selecting from the different shaped mirrors of Feng Shui and change the way your world looks.

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