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   DreamHomeDecors > Feng Shui >Feng Shui Money Frogs

Feng Shui Money Frogs

Feng Shui money frog is a symbol of wealth and prosperity and according to tradition appears on full moon near houses where there is some monetary good news awaited. The Feng Shui frog is generally depicted sitting on a bed of coins and gold ingots. Due to this the Feng Shui frog has become a symbol of wealth and prosperity. The Feng Shui money frog helps in enhancing wealth and also in protecting your home. If someone is spending too much of money or is facing some kind of monetary trouble then the Feng Shui money frog can help find solutions to your problems.

The best place to put the Feng Shui money frog is in the living room at a corner, which is diagonally opposite the main entrance door. This place is ideal as corners are a place where chi concentrates and therefore it is a strategic spot for the flow of chi in the room. Placing a money frog here would help it receive a direct influence and strengthen the concentration of chi energy.

Letís look at some types of the Feng Shui money frog:

Bronze Money Frog

Bronze money frog is generally considered as a mythical creature that is said to appear every full moon, bringing good news and wealth to the people nearby. This three-legged money frog holds a Chinese coin in its mouth and sits on a pile of gold ingots. If a money frog is kept in the corner diagonally across the entrance it will activate the wealth luck in the home.

Business Money Frog

Business money frog is commonly used as a symbol of wealth and is placed near the cash registrars, receptions, managers desk and offices. A business money frog helps increase your business and bring in success.

Gigantic Money Frog

The gigantic money frog sits on a pile of coins and ingots holding a Chinese coin in its mouth and carried a string of coins on each side of its body. On its back are seven jeweled dots representing the seven stars of the northern skies. By placing this gigantic money frog within the view of the front door one can attract prosperity to your home.

Gold Money Frog

The gold money frog will have seven diamond dots on its back, depicting the Great North Pole Seven Stars. The seven stars of the Northern skies are where the study of the Chinese Elemental Astrology is based. These seven stars along with two more hidden stars in the Northern Skies represent the famous nine stars of the Bagua. This forms the basis of all Feng Shui studies. Place this gold money frog in the corner of the living room or to enhance the wealth chi of the household.

Using Money Frogs:

Here are some ways to use money frog to improve your life and wealth.

1. Place the Feng Shui money frog in the southeast wealth sector of the living room or office to improve the income of the family members.

2. Place two money frogs; one inside the front door facing inwards and the other facing outward. The money frog facing inside symbolizes the coming in of money and the money frog facing outward will collect money.

3. For those involved in profession where there is an opportunity to earn side income or commission, display a Feng Shui money frog next to the desk or diagonally opposite the front door to your home.

4. The ideal number of money frogs in the living room is nine as it represents the inflow of money from all directions of the compass. Place the Feng Shui money frogs randomly and discreetly under your table, behind the sofa, below the coffee table etc. make sure that each money frog faces a different direction of the compass in the living room and one near your front door looking inward to welcome in wealth. If you are facing problem in having nine money frogs then three and six are also good numbers.

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