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Feng Shui Symbols

Feng shui symbols are a very important part of Feng Shui and bringing in harmony and good luck in the household. Feng Shui symbols are based on the five elements and should be placed in the appropriate direction for best and desirable results. One of the good ways of placing the Feng Shui symbols for wealth, relationship, marriage, prosperity, longevity etc. is by taking the help of bagua map.

Each Feng Shui symbol has a particular purpose and will only work when you relate with it. The various symbols are based on earth, metal, wood, water and fire and understanding their purpose before putting it in your household is very important. In this section on Feng Shui symbols we will look at the different types of Feng Shui symbols and their meaning.

Good Luck and Prosperity Feng Shui Symbols

Following are some popular Feng Shui good luck symbols:

Good Luck Coins: good luck coins come in a set of 3 tied with a red ribbon and represents wealth and luck. Gifting good luck Feng Shui coins bring good luck to both the giver as well as the receiver.

Three-Legged Moon Frog: the three-legged frog with a coin in its mouth is known to improve good luck and prosperity in the house. The position of this Feng Shui symbol should be such that itís mouth should face the inside of the house. This is a very important Feng Shui symbol of wealth and fortune.

Golden Dragon Turtle: the dragon turtle is known to make your business prosperous and improve the relationships of all people around you. The golden dragon turtle works best when placed in the south-east corner of the house known as the prosperity corner and it should face the door.

Golden Cat: the Golden cat Feng Shui symbol has a dual purpose of abundance and protection. One side of the cat is seen smiling, holding its left paw out. This represents good fortune and is known to attract money. On the other side the Cat is seen frowning and is holding a broom in its paw. This side is representing protection and the broom is used to sweep away all the troubles.

Golden Pigs: a pair of golden pigs is known to bring prosperity and happiness in the household. This Feng Shui symbol represents honesty, initiative and attentiveness. The Golden pigs are perfect when setting up a business or a new home.

Bells: bells are a very popular symbol of Feng Shui. Hang some metal bells outside your door between the north and west corners and welcome in prosperity. Bells made of crystal and ceramic can be placed in any other part of the house.

Love and Marriage Feng Shui Symbols

Following are the popular love and marriage Feng Shui symbols:

Pair of lovebirds or Mandarin Ducks: love birds are a symbol of happy marriage and a strong couple relationship. Placing a pair of lovebirds or mandarin ducks indicate that you will never be alone and always find the love of your partner around you.

Dragon and Phoenix Couple: dragon and phoenix couple is a Feng Shui symbol representing emperor and empress i.e. husband and wife, symbolizing a happy marriage with lot of wealth and luxurious life.

Pink Flowers And Plants: having live pink color flowers in the southeast corner of the house is known to bring new relationship opportunities according to Feng Shui. Adding plants in the southeast corner of the house can also get the same effect.

Rose Quartz Happy Buddha: a rose quartz is a symbol of love, romance and a strong relationship. A laughing Buddha also known as ĎHoteií symbolizes joy and happiness. The combination of a rose quartz and a laughing Buddha is a very powerful symbol of good luck, love opportunity and marriage.

Feng Shui Crystals: natural crystal quartz is very useful in activating earth energy in the southwest corner of the house. Also these crystals will bring love and romance in your world. Place the crystals by the window that catches sunlight and the positive energy will spread through out the household.

So add these simple Feng Shui symbols in your house and bring in good luck, wealth and prosperity for your household.

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