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Feng Shui Wall Art: Different Wall Arts To Try

Green Décor By Room

Feng Shui wall art is one of the trends that’s catching up real fast. Feng Shui wall art can be different things like the Chinese painting, tapestry or even the Feng Shui wall hanging, displaying a Feng Shui symbol.

How to select Feng Shui Wall Art

The first thing that you need to do is narrow down your choice to one of the things that we mentioned above. Go for a wall art that you like. For example, if you buy a pair of mandarin duck prints simply because you know they are good Feng Shui symbols but don’t really connect with them. Then you will create negative energy as compared to doing the opposite. You need to like your Feng Shui wall art and then only it will work.

Types of Feng Shui Wall Art

There are different types of wall art that you can select from. One of the best ways to come to a conclusion is thinking of the element (out of the Feng Shui 5 elements) that you need in your room. For example your home is in the north sector and water element is weak, then adding a wall art of a water scene or a metal wall art will do well. Metal attracts water, so when you want to improve the water element, metal wall art is also a choice you can consider.

Animal Reliefs

One more popular choice in Feng Shui wall art is animal relief or carving. These carvings can be made out of metal, word, resin or other elements as well. You can select from the different Chinese animal symbols like Chinese dragon, frog, elephant, horse, ox and phoenix.

Wall Art for Wealth

If you are looking for Feng Shui wealth symbols then wealth ship is a good wall art to add to your walls. Wealth ship wall art should be placed on a wall that gives the affect that the ship is sailing into your home. It should never be the other way around. Some common things that you will find in these types of wall art is the presence of different wealth symbols like Chinese coins, gold ingots, gemstones, giving the feeling that is getting loaded in the ship. Mostly these wall art for health is in gold color that is once more a symbol of wealth.

Koi Fishes

Koi Fishes are an important Feng Shui symbol indicating wealth and good fortune. Generally this symbol is found in aquarium and ornamental ponds but they are now popular in wall art as well. Select from a silk Koi Fishes wall art and you will get the same benefits as the model piece.

Wall Fans

This is one of the beautiful pieces of Feng Shui wall art that can be added to just about any room of your home. Select Chinese wall fans that depict different Chinese symbols, animals and motifs. The wall fan will not only bring the good vibes in your home but also combine all the five elements of Feng Shui as well.


If you want to add Feng Shui wall art but is a little tight on budget then go for different Feng Shui posters. The only thing that you need to keep in mind while selecting posters that it should show Chinese symbols and not just adhoc anything that you like. For example, you may be very fond of the Chinese symbol mandala but it is way beyond your budget for now. A poster will also do just fine and also add as a wall art.

Even though Feng Shui wall arts are good and will bring positive vibes in your home, one should remember not to overdo anything. Too many positives can also turn negative.

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