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Feng Shui Wealth

Feng Shui wealth is a very important part of the Chinese Feng Shui and helps in a great way in enhancing the wealth element in the household. There are some major wealth corners of the house and maximum utility of these corners helps in balancing the Feng Shui wealth in the house. In this section we will take a close look at the different ways to increase the wealth element for an individual or the complete household.

To start with, wealth is the southeast corner of the house and it is governed by wood. So the first step in making complete utilization of Feng Shui wealth is to clean the space of all negative energy. The southeast corner of your house or office should be neat and clean as well as orderly kept. The lighting in the Feng Shui wealth corner should be natural i.e. not too bright and neither too dim also. It is best to keep constant light in the southeast corner, or having it well lit as long as possible.

Aquariums and other water elements work wonderfully in the Feng Shui wealth corner as water enhances wood. Having an aquarium with bright energetic fish will stimulate positive chi in the area. Try to have nine gold fish as it is a very auspicious number according to Feng Shui. Have eight gold fishes and one black fish for the best results. Other than an aquarium, a fountain could also bring in positive water energy. However if having the aquarium is difficult then a painting, sculpture or even a hanging talisman showing golden fish will activate the same positive energy.

One of the popular wealth symbols in Feng Shui is the dragon turtle sculpture and reflects long lasting prosperity that is very much necessary for success. This Feng Shui wealth symbol acts best when placed in the north part of the household to enhance wealth and water energy. Other than this faceted crystals and bamboo wind chimes also activate positive energy in the wealth section.

Correct lighting is very important in the Feng Shui wealth section. Have frequent green lighting along with brown and other earth based colors. Having candles in earthy colors are also very beneficial. It is one of the good ways to energize the wood element in the southeast corner and have positive energy in different aspects of your life. Also putting a blue or black rug on the front way symbolizes a flow of opportunities to your home and business.

Symbols of wealth and prosperity work in a great way in the Feng Shui wealth section. Chinese coins, gold ingots and even a Hotei Buddha sitting on a pile of gold coins and money frogs are some of the most popular Feng Shui wealth symbols. Combine these symbols with healthy, round leafed plants and this will bring in positive energy in the wealth sector as well.

Among the other Feng Shui wealth symbols is the mythical money frog. Place the frog inside your office door that faces inward as it symbolizes wealth coming your way. If some family member or you are involved in sales then putting three coins tied with a red ribbon in your purse or wallet will be beneficial for your sales.

Here are some significant directions to enhance your material wealth.
  • The kitchen stove, also known as the fire mouth should be positioned to balance Feng Shui in the household. The stove should face the ‘sheng chi’ of breadwinner of the house. .
  • If the flow of wealth has been slow in the household then it is advised to check the main door. If there are any manmade poison arrows towards your main door then some re-structuring may be required.
  • Avoid having any metal or fire element in the southeast direction of the house.

So take the guidance of these simple Feng Shui wealth tips and increases wealth and prosperity in your world.

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