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Handy Tips

Welcome to the fun, easy and useful world of handy tips. This section on handy tips offers you hints, suggestions and useful suggestions for different household, kitchen and health related workings.

Handy tips are the easiest way to manage any disaster that is waiting to happen. Here you will find kitchen tips, cooking tips and ideas to find quick and handy solutions for different household things.

Handy household tips section is divided into different categories so that you find tips and ideas for a particular topic. But before we get on with these individual sections letís take a look at some everyday handy tips that each one of us will require some time or the other.

  • Get rid of egg stains by scraping off any deposits and then wipe it with cold salted water. Now wash it the usual way with soap, rinse and dry. Remember do not use hot water.
  • To keep your kitchen shelves clean spread a plastic sheet or a greaseproof paper over the shelves where oil, ghee and pickle jars are kept.

  • To remove deodorant stains, rub the stain with equal quantity of vinegar and water. Now sponge the stains with warm water adding a little detergent. Rinse with cold water and dry.

  • To keep your metal artifacts shining and sparkling, polish them just like you do and then add a coating of colorless lacquer. This will keep it glittering for a much longer time.

  • To keep the vegetables fresh for a longer time, line the vegetable trays and boxes with newspaper.

  • When you are traveling use Ziploc bags to put anything that may leak like shampoo, lotion or certain food products. This way if anything leaks also the cleaning up procedure will be minimal. Ensure that you keep the bag completely closed.
To know more about the different household tips go through the individual sections and make your life simpler.

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