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   Dreamhomedecors > Handy Tips > 5 Apps For Home Hunters

5 Apps For Home Hunters

Apartment rents are soaring new heights everyday and so are the home prices. However, if you believe in having an asset and a place that you can call your own home, then buying a house of your own is one of the most important agendas that you need to close. However, the entire process of selecting a house that suits your budget, involves lot of searching, researching and paperwork. Yes, you are probably doing half the work on your smartphone and laptop, but letís take things to the next level. Check out these 5 apps for house hunters, that will help you cut the chase and bring you closer to the house of your dreams.

1. Trulia

One such good option is Trulia which works similar to Google but for real estate. Trulia searches for the latest MLS real estate listing and shows what is currently available. It even gives you data for rentals. What sets this portal apart from others is the valuable neighborhood details that it throws at us. Trulia not only offers crime stats and specific weather data, but also has information on wilfires and earthquakes along with other lesser known information. You can also download the Trulia mobile app for iOS or Android.

2. Fuel Monitor

Once you have narrowed down on the neighborhood, Fuel Monitor will give you the estimate how much you will spend on commuting up and down from office every day. Just put in the data for exact locations and you will get accurate estimate of the fuel and time spent. You can also give the exact drive route and then see the calculations happening for you. Fuel monitor will also help show the most fuel efficient routes to get to your selected destination. Now, Fuel Monitor is available for iOS but a similar app is available for Android users called Open Road and the Windows Phone users can try Fuel Calculator.

3. Soulver

Doing all those complicated calculations is just too much for you? Let Soulver take care of it. Understanding compound interest, seller costs and other minute details is as important as understanding a property value. Soulver is one spreadsheet program that takes care of all these details in a very simplified presentation. This home searching app is perfect for quick math, though you will still want a good real estate agent to help you get the numbers right.

4. DocuSign

So, you have identified a house for which you want to write an offer or better, for which the offer is accepted. Now, all you need is DocuSign app that is available for free for iOS and Android. DocuSign lets you put a signature on the official documents over the net. The people who create the document, bear the cost of the service, so use DocuSign to confirm contracts from your agent or seller. Once a document arrives, you will get an email notification that you can view and read as PDF. Once you are ready to answer, you can select the virtual signature and click to sign at the appropriate place and just send it back to the concerned person.

5. Nextdoor

Now, comes the last leg in home searching. You have moved into your new home and now need to buddy with your new surroundings. One great way to do that is with social network Nextdoor that works on the similar concept of Facebook and then puts it inside a zip code. The posts are less stylish than the updates on other social networks, but still it works great. You need to verify your address to be allowed to join. Once you become a part of this social network, it gives you a great way to meet neighbors and keep tab on whatís going on around you. You can access Nextdoor via net or through free iOS and Android apps. Share with us more interesting home searching apps and make house hunting more of a pleasure and dream come true and less of a pain.

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