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   Dreamhomedecors > Handy Tips > Bathroom Tips

Bathroom Tips

Bathrooms are no more just about simple basin, lavatory or a shower area. It is one of the trendiest personal rooms of the house. With unique shapes, sizes and stylish decor modern bathrooms of today speak volumes for it. How much you work on your bathroom is a matter of personal choice, but there is one point where it becomes a no compromise zone and that is hygiene. Having a squeaky clean bathroom is necessary for each one of us. So letís find some quick tips to make your bathroomshining, hygienic and clean at all times.


Condensation and streaking is a common problem in bathroom mirrors. To avoid streaking, never spray glass-cleaning spray directly on the mirror. Instead spray it on a clean cloth and then clean. To avoid condensation of the mirror, wipe it with a damp cloth and detergent and let it dry naturally. The bathroom mirror will stay clean for weeks. Once in a while you can rub it with a cloth dipped in glycerin to reduce fogging.


If you have a porcelain bathtub that has become a bit yellow then rub it with a solution of salt and turpentine and rinse with hot water. If the stains are more stubborn then make a paste of tartar cream diluted with hydrogen peroxide and a few drops of ammonia. Leave it for around two hours and then wash off.

Wash Basins

If you want to clean wash basins, vanity counters or even walls and floor tiles use an all purpose cleaner and spray and scrub with a sponge or brush. Give it a thorough wash with water and you have yourself sparkling clean washbasins. The bathroom cleaners are made of different organic acids like the citric acid and easily cuts through the soap foil scum while other cleaners leave behind a glossy layer that doesnít give complete cleanliness. Also remember to wash tiled walls from top to bottom.

Cleaning the Lavatory

Take a specialist cleaner when cleaning the inside of the bowl. Apply the liquid and leave for a few minutes. It is always advised to wear gloves while working in the toilet. The outside of the bowl should be cleaned with an all purpose bathroom cleaner. If there are stubborn stains apply a paste of borax and lemon juice, leave for an hour and then scrub clean.

Plug Holes and Drains

To start with, pour boiling water down the plugholes once in a while. If the water doesnít drain quickly then you require to work on it. One can try from the different drain cleaners or even pouring a cup of baking soda down the drain followed by a cup of vinegar is also recommended. Leave this mixture for five minutes then pour boiling water. You will have clean drains and pug holes in no time.

Shower Curtains

After shower donít bunch the shower curtains, instead spread them out in air. This will prevent in the formation of mould. For cleaning bathroom shower curtains wash the curtain in hot soapy water. For the edges use diluted vinegar or lemon juice and dry in the sun. if you find yourself struggling with stubborn stains then apply a paste of baking soda and then wash.

Hard Water Problems

Lime scales are a major problem in hard water areas. One can of course try out the lime scale removers easily available in the market, but a home clean bathroom tip is to spray a solution of distilled malt vinegar and cold water. Leave it for sometime and then scrub clean. For tough areas like taps and the surrounding areas, soak some cotton wool pads in vinegar solution and wrap it around the effected area for overnight. Clean it the next morning and you will find yourself a sparkling clean bathroom.

Use these useful and effective bathroom tips and make it clean and tidy.

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