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Dreamhomedecors >Handy Tips > Tips Decorating Nooks Corners

Tips for Decorating Nooks and Corners

Having your dream home decor is the wish of each one of us, and most of us decide that it is only possible if we design our home according to our taste with the help of an architect. But is this the only possible solution? And is it always possible to build a house. Many times we have either a rented house or a house build by someone else without some bits matching our taste and others completing standing out.

This section is explicitly about these small hindrances that come in our way. If you are stuck with odd nooks and corners in your home then these decorating tips is just the answer you require. Whether it is the empty space below a staircase or that unnecessary and protruding pillar in the living room, the solutions are right here. Read on and make the best use of these unused places in your home.


Decorating corridors is more or less the problem of every household. The long empty passage way always seems to give us a boring feeling. But just on the contrary, corridors are a very useful space in your house. So letís see how to transform these corridors to something attractive and fun.

The first thing one needs to remember when working on corridors is; this is one place of your house that is alive and active. People are always moving in and out of your corridors. So give your corridors a picture gallery look. You can put paintings, family photographs and murals as wall decor. Add lamps at little distances to give a soft and dramatic look to your corridors.
If you find this decorating tip not so appealing then how about adding some artifacts and flower arrangements complete with soft yellow lighting. If your corridor is wide enough, one can even go for a bookshelf. To complete the feel, put some heavy drapes at the end of the corridor. This is give depth to your decoration.


Staircases are always a problem. Most of the times, the space below the staircases are turned into a storage area giving a shabby appearance to your decor. If you really require a storage space, build a sliding cabinet with racks to store your brooms and shoes. This will give your space a neater look and at the same time give you adequate space to keep your stuff.

If space is not a problem, then do something more creative with that empty space. You can put a wallpaper of scenery to give a feeling of depth. Go for some dim lighting, according to the theme of your wallpaper.

One can also create a recreation corner below the staircase. Throw in some cushions, proper lighting and a potted plant or two and build a world of its own. If there is space, then put a small coffee table and chair and snuggle up with a book. Beanbags are also a great way to go for making a trend statement.

Lofts and Landings

Is lofts and landings a problem in your house? Here are some decorating tips to help you create an attractive look for these difficult nooks and corners.

Generally spacious loft areas are utilized as storage space. But there are other ways to work on these spaces. For example you can easily change a loft area as a kidís room or a guest bedroom. If there is not that large a space then how about making a build in wardrobe? Deck it up with some tall flower vases and indoor plants.

Another challenging area around the house is the landing immediately at the end of the staircase. One can have a long bookshelf in this area or a place to display your holiday snaps.

So no matter how odd the nooks and corners of your house may seem, there is always a way to work out something. Simply let your imagination work wonders for you and transform your everyday world into your dream home decor.

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