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    Dreamhomedecors > Handy Tips > Home Storage Tips

Home Storage Tips

Getting storage right is a challenge that most of us face. No matter how much space we have, things always seem to be in a clutter. So here are some home storage tips to help you organize your clothes, accessories, shoes, linen and more.

De-clutter and Discard

The most important thing is you clear up the mess around you. Set aside a weekend for this so that you can also involve other members of the family. Empty the cupboards and spread out all the clothes, shoes, accessories, books, toys etc. place three large cardboard boxes, one for each member of the family and place the ‘throwaways’ in it. Now discard everything you haven’t used for more than a year.


The second step in home storage is to sort things out. The clothes should be kept in separate piles according to season-summer, rain, winter and further according to office/school wear, party wear and casual wear. Keep the out of season clothes in suitcases so that you get more space in the cupboards. If this is not suitable then place these on the highest or lowest shelf so that they are easily accessible when needed.


The third step is to organize. Always place things smartly, put the complete outfits together, so that later on you don’t go about searching for half the garment here and there. You can organize each category according to color, design or any other system that is comfortable to you. Keep the things you use frequently between knee and shoulder height for easy access.

Hang Right

Another storage tip is the use of hangers. There are special skirts or trouser hangers with metal clips to keep them in shape. Satin covered, padded hangers work well for delicate lace lingerie or blouses. Use identical hangers in one cupboard. You can allocate hangers of one design and color for each member of the family. All hanger hooks should face the back of the cupboard. It gives a neat look and creates an illusion of space. Do not overstuff the hangers as it may bend due to weight. Also you will get crumpled clothes.


Stack shirts, T-shirts, bed linen neatly in piles with the folded side facing outwards. Never pull out an item. Use the pan cake flipper method to neatly remove a garment from the pile. This home storage ideas will help to keep the garments organized.


Use small cupboard boxes or see through plastic bags for storing small items, trinkets, innerwear, socks and the like. Fold or roll up underwear and place in the boxes or bags. The bras should be folded one cup into the other so that they retain their shape and take up less space. Tie socks in pairs together to avoid confusion. Ties and belts can be hung on a small rod on the inner side of the cupboard door. Get small baskets for the trinkets; hair clips, cufflinks and tiepins. Hankies should be folded and sorted according to color.


Jewelry, cash and important documents should be placed in a locker in your cupboard. Make it a habit to keep it locked all the time. Even if you forget to lock the cupboard your valuables will be safe.


It’s not a good idea to keep shoes in a cupboard. Open shelves or a special shoe rack with a front flap called shoetidy. It’s handy and can be placed in a convenient niche. It also has pockets for keeping socks, polish, brushes etc.

Storing Bed and Bath Linen

Purchase a separate shelve for bed linen, bath linen, table linen, extra blankets and so on. Make sets and colors coordinate your linen; bottom sheet, top sheet, bedspread and pillow covers go together, so do the bath towel, face towel and face cloth. Keep table mats, napkins and a matching table cloth together. The party sets should be kept separately.

In case a separate linen cupboard is not possible, allot one shelf each cupboard for storing bed linen, bath linen and table linen. You can also consider fixing some small overhead cabinets in the bathroom. For table linen, try to find space inside kitchen cabinets, or in a crockery sideboard in the dining area.
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