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   Dreamhomedecors > Handy Tips > Home Odor Removal tips

Home Odor Removal tips

Are you ashamed of smells in your home?
Smells in your home can be embarrassing and uncomfortable. Room fresheners and deodorizers help but only to a certain extent. It doesnít remove the problem, but just takes away the smell for a while. Do not mask the odor but kill it. Check out the easy and effective ways to remove all unpleasant smells from your home.

General Home Odor Removal

Use your nose to pick up the place where the odor is coming from. Once you are able to locate the item that is causing the odor, clean it with warm water and then use an antibacterial cleaner or detergent to wash it properly. Once you have cleaned the area, open the windows and let fresh air flow-in. after a while follow up with an odor neutralizing spray. You can even make your own spray with Ĺ cup of vinegar in a bowl and leave it in the affected area for a fresh smell.

Natural room freshener: Make a natural room freshener. Combine oranges and cinnamon. Take around 2 tablespoons of cinnamon and some orange peels and simmer gently in 4 cups of water. The smell will spread all through the house.

Pet Odor Removal

If you have pets in your house, then pet odor is a common problem that you have to combat. The first thing to do is find the target area, and then find a black light. Body fluids, vitamins, detergent and certain cleaning chemicals contain phosphorous. The black light emits ultraviolet light that makes the phosphorus glow.

Turn off the lights and close all the curtains to block as much overhead light as possible. Shine the black light over the carpet and all the cat or dog urine, hair and other messes will come to light. Once you have identified the satin or what is causing the odor, you have to cover the area with a white paper towel and then saturate it completely with an enzymatic cleaner. When the area is completely dry, sprinkle baking soda or some other type of carpet powder. Let it stay for 30 minutes and then simply vacuum to remove all elements of lingering odor.

Carpet odor removal

The simple way to remove odor from carpet is to take a box of baking soda and spread it all over the floor. Leave it overnight and then vacuum the floor next morning. You will get your clean smelling carpet. If you are dealing with tough odors then you have to first steam the floors and then use the above-mentioned method.

Refrigerator odor removal

The first and most important thing to do for refrigerator odor removal is remove all things from your fridge and clean out all items that can cause smell or are old and just lying there. Check the expiration date and discard all things that are not required. Then clean all trays and the inside of your fridge with a mixture of bleach and water. You can even make a mix of baking soda and water. Once you have cleaned everything, rinse the area with clean warm water and then let it air out. Now put back all the stuff in the fridge and leave an open box of baking soda in your clean refrigerator. This simple trick will make sure your fridge stays fresh smelling for long.

Deodorize a Stinky Sink

If your sink smells bad, then first get a good scrubber and scrub all the sides, especially the drain area that is neglected most easily. Run hot water, spray the sides, and then drain out completely. For stubborn sink smells, you can make a mix of equal portions of bleach and hot water and push it down the drain. Let it stay for 5 minutes. You can try with more hot water to clear out the odor completely. If this also doesnít help, you can take a commercial cleaner.

Deodorize the Garbage Disposal

Smelly garbage disposal is another common problem in homes. The first thing to do is clean the rubber stopper and outside the drain thoroughly and then run hot water and soap down the drain for a few minutes. Sprinkle about 1 cup of baking soda in the disposal and let it sit for 15 minutes. Now follow up by pouring 2 cups of vinegar and let it drown in the sink. Use a scrubber to rub all sides of the sink and the outside of the drain with extra baking soda or vinegar.

Heavy duty cleaning tip: Run hot water, turn on the garbage disposal and throw in a tray of ice cubes. The ice cubes help in dislodging stuck of bits of debris without damaging the disposal blades. You can follow up with grinding a few cut lemon or lime halves for a fresh smell.

Kitchen odor removal

Kitchen can give out all kinds of odors right from cooking cabbage, cauliflower to other stuff. Here are odor removal tips that can help.
  • Add a tablespoon of lemon juice to the cooking water to remove the pungent smell that comes from cooking cabbage, cauliflower etc.
  • Add lemon juice or vinegar to your dishwasher and run it empty for complete deodorizing.
  • To remove smell from cutting board, clean it with an antibacterial soap and then rinse with hot water.

Toilet odor removal

If your toilet bowl is smelling, then the most important thing to do is clean up the are thoroughly with a commercial cleaning product and then add a toilet cleaning freshener. Clean around the sides of the bowl as well. You donít want germs lingering on.

If you want any household odor removal tips and suggestions, just write to us and we will offer a fix for it.

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