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   DreamHomeDecorsHome Decor Ideas >Can You Spot These 10 Decorating Sins?

Can You Spot These 10 Decorating Sins?

Decorating our homes to make it look is what we want, but happens when it results in just the opposite and we don’t even know about it. We actually make decorating sins and never realize it also. Here are 10 common decorating mistakes that is an absolute no-no when we talk about home decoration.

1. Overwhelming patterns

We place too much of the same pattern in a room and don’t understand that this can be a decorating mistake. Suppose you want to do a theme of sunflower, so you have sunflower curtains, sunflower wallpaper, sunflower pillows, sunflower comforter and so on. It’s just too much of something beautiful. Your room will look more like a theme rather than a décor item.

2. Picture placement

Many of us are guilty of hanging pictures and mirrors at the wrong height. You are not supposed to strain your neck to view something on your wall. When you are working at a standard 8 foot ceiling, you should have your picture to reach the height of 60”. It is best to hang artwork at eye level, but then it becomes height specific, so it is best to go for 60”.

3. Measure furniture before you buy

You love that piece of furniture but when you try to fit it, you see that either it is obstructing the main pathway or worse not fitting at all. This is really a decorating sin that you should avoid. The smart way to go about it, it to take the measurement of your room before you head to the shop. Measure your walls, windows, doorways or anything else that will affect the furniture placement. Take these details with you when you head for furniture shopping.

4. Too much clutter

Another decorating sin is, ignoring what is in front of our eyes. No matter how well your room is decorated or physically inviting and spacious, if it is cluttered, everything else is wasted. Clutter can be anything from too many knick-knacks and décor items to having too many useful items out of place. Your eye needs a place to rest and too much going on, doesn’t let that happen. Keep your daily surfaces as clear as possible. Use decorative baskets and boxes to store things. Everything should have a place of its own.

5. All furniture against the wall

One common decorating mistake is pushing all furniture against the walls. Though it may be necessary for smaller rooms, but then why the big rooms? If you make such seating arrangements, then it makes the flow of conversation difficult, making people feel too apart. Pull your furniture off the walls, create depth and dimension. It will completely change the way you see things.

6. Matching all over

Do you want a room or a showroom? This is the first thing you need to ask when you try to make everything matching in your room. All the same fabrics, wood tones or even colors, can be a bit overwhelming. Get some variety in your room, mix things up and then equally distribute it in the space. Don’t try to make your room look like a product catalog, it wouldn’t work.

7. Lopsided furniture

Just like you are not supposed to push your furniture against the wall, in the same way, having almost all your furniture at one end can leave the room looking unbalanced. Separate the heavy looking pieces, by placing them across the room. Make a balance of big and small furniture.

8. Floating rugs

Most of us don’t clearly understand the use of rugs, making once more a common decorating mistake or sin. Area rugs are supposed to define space and not float in the middle of it. They should either be connected to the furniture or act as an anchor for it. In seating areas, make sure the rug is large enough to fit the front feet of the furniture on it. In a dining area, you should be able to pull out a chair and still be able to have rug on it. If you having floating rugs, then it can be a distraction to the eye, as well as a tripping hazard.

9. Window curtains of the wrong length

We assume that a small window needs a small window treatment as well. Curtains that are too short, can end up looking like shrunk material. Panels look the best when they just or barely just touch the floor. And the curtains don’t need to start from the window casing. Taking the window curtains higher, about 6” from the ceiling can make the windows look larger and wall feel taller.

10. Don't avoid color

Changing the wall colors is one of the simplest and most economical thing you can do to change the look of any room. It is a great room décor idea. All you need to keep in mind while changing wall colors, to keep it neutral or to make it gel with your existing furnishings. You definitely, don’t want to redo the entire furnishings, right?

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