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   DreamHomeDecorsHome Decor Ideas >New Year Eve’s Party Decorations for Home

New Year Eve’s Party Decorations for Home

Are you planning to throw a New Year’s Eve party to welcome 2015 in style? Well, before you take out your wallet and start purchasing New Year party decorations, here are some ideas that can help you. With most of the things available right at your home, you can create stunning centerpieces and vibrant décor styles to impress your guests.

1. Ornaments

The first thing that you need to ask is, what is the look that you want for your New Year Eve’s party? If you are looking for something classy and attractive, then having simple ornaments just might do the trick. You must be having attractive little Christmas ornaments that you used as Christmas decorations. Select Christmas ornaments that are of the same color family like gold, silver, cream and whites. To add a bit of glamour, use ornaments that are covered with glitter and tinsel. Now to complete the look, just place few tea lights or sparkling candles around the ornament clusters. This New Year centerpiece is not going to cost you anything, as you have everything you need.

2. Candles and luminarias

One New Year’s party centerpiece that you just can’t go wrong with are candles. The warm and soothing glow of candles always gives a welcoming feeling. Candles are quite cheap to buy and are also quite easily customizable. To get an attractive yet modest look, place a few tea lights in handmade lace or simple brown paper bags and you get gorgeous looking luminarias. You can also try putting together a small cluster ofpillar candles on crystal candlesticks. Put some seasonal blooms around the candles. It will give your New Year Eve’s decoration a seasonal feel.

3. Tinsel

How can you complete a New Year party decoration without tinsels? But, remember you want your party decorations to be elegant, so control the amount of tinsels you use. It is best to avoid draping or balling it up. You can however add a few pieces in a tall Champagne flute or even in a thin vase. To complete the decoration, place a few of these tinsel flutes next to your dining area and the remaining can be part of your New Year party decorations. Add 2-3 tea lights to create the perfect setting. Once more, did you really need to buy anything for this decoration?

4. Burlap

One thing that can be very easily ignored during New Year’s Eve party centerpieces is the dining table. However, you can even add style to this with burlap that will help create a rustic and stylish holiday tablescape. You can even create wreaths out of Burlap. The other interesting thing to do is take a large fishbowl and fill it with gold ornaments and place it around the wreath. You can add your favorite little decorations and even New Year cards to complete the look.

5. Seasonal feel

If you find candles, blooms and fabric very common New Year’s Eve decoration then how about giving a seasonal touch to your decoration with fruits and vegetables. Grab the seasonal products like artichokes, apples, pomengranates, figs and pears and turn them into New Year Eve’s centerpiece. You can also stick a pillar candle in the fish bowl and then surround it with fruits. Share with us more interesting New Year party decoration ideas.