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   DreamHomeDecors > Home Decor Styles > Asian Home Decor

Asian Home Decor

Asian home decor is one of the most expressive decoration styles of today. With some unique accessories, and taking inspiration from different Asian countries like Japan, China, Thailand, India etc. one can give their home a complete Asian look. The most important elements of the Asian home decor is striking the right balance between colors, textures and accessories to decorate the balance.

The Asians put a lot of stress of maintaining a balance between the elements of nature. So it is very common to use the elements to wood, water, and stones. Another thing that is given lot of emphasis in Asian home decor is to keep the house clutter free. Giving your home breathing space so that positive energy can flow in your house is an essential part of this decor.

Significance of Color

Colors play a very important role in the Asian home decor. Use subtle colors. It is best if you go for natural colors as this gives a feeling of peace in the household. However if you want a touch of Chinese home decoration then one can go for some red accessories or furniture. The Chinese consider the red color lucky. So a small wall piece of a Chinese red lantern will not only add to the charm of the decoration but also liven up your home.

Asian Furniture

Furniture also speaks a lot in the Asian home decor. Go for furniture with intricate woodcarvings. Asians are known for their woodwork. Selecting a couch that has carved armrests or a table with intricate work on the legs is a part of every home having Asian home decor. Also put emphasis on the horizontal lines of the furniture in a way that it blends with the decor wherever possible. If you require lot of storage units try to go for simple lines and keep them hidden wherever possible. Unlike the western home decor, storage units are concealed in this style.


Lights can do wonders for any home decor style. Asian home decor lighting has low voltage bulbs with the use of paper lamps inspired by China. Candles are not really a part of the Asian decoration though they can be used on special occasions. Instead use of lantern offers a natural element to the decor style.

Asian Fabrics

Fabrics play an important role in home decor. The most commonly used fabric is the silk and it never fails to add that special element to the decor. One can have pillowcases or a footstool covered in silk to add that glamour element. The other popular Asian fabric is the hand woven fabrics and batik. Malaysia and Indonesia is famous for its intricate batik work where as hand woven textiles can be best found in India. These fabrics can be used as wall hangings, tablecloth or even rugs according to your choice.

Natural Flowers

Flowers make an essential part of the Asian Decor but the natural ones. Artificial flowers are to be avoided if you are going for Asian home decor. If fresh flowers are not easily available in your country then go for silk flowers to complete the look. For special occasions natural flowers should be used. To add to the natural look of your decor even paintings work out well.

So give your home a complete Asian look with the different styles of the home decor completing the picture.

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