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Indian Home Decor

Indian home décor is all about simplicity, style and comfort combined into one. If you are a potential home buyer and looking for different Indian home décor ideas then this is just the section for you. Whether you are purchasing a flat or ready to hand over apartment, these tips and ideas for home décor is surely to work for you.


A well lit house makes for cheerful, healthy living and is huge saving on electricity. It’s best to get in the morning sun. if the house is west facing, the sun’s glare may be too strong in the afternoon; deep verandahs offer some protection.


Most often exhausts or electric chimneys close up window spaces in kitchens and bathrooms, so ensure your balconies and verandahs can bring in maximum light and air. Larger the window the better ventilation. The same holds true for verandahs. Remember to check on possibilities of opening up walls with windows, especially in living areas, the kitchen and bathrooms.

Open Spaces

Opt for apartments that have views for horizons, monuments or any other natural feature rather than those that look out or into the next house, or are close to the main road. Look out for parks, trees, common open spaces and recreation zones within the premise or nearby. Remember that common greens may be tapping into your resources in terms of water, particularly.

FSI Jargon

Floor space index (FSI) means the built area on the site. “covered area” does not include balconies; the “supper area” includes all common facilities and circulation zones, such as lifts, staircases and corridors within the area of this apartment. “carpet area” is easy to remember-it’s every space that can be carpeted, barring the walls.

Architectural Plans

Architectural plans are important for Indian home décor. Make sure that there are no deviations from the layout and building plan approved by your local municipal body. Before moving in, ask for detailed plans for all services such as plumbing, electrical and fire hazards.

Lifts, staircases and corridors: check how efficient such common areas in the building. Often builders service the entire building with one main stairwell. Make sure you are paying only for what you get.

Balconies: areas under the balconies are not part of the floor area ratio since you can’t cover these but you get more floor space so invest in larger balconies.

Space utility: check if the plan allows for maximum space flexibility. Ask yourself if you’d like rooms that multitask. Don’t go by the mere size of the flat. See if corridors and lobbies can be used to the maximum; and are not just passage areas, but can accommodate more storage or a library.

Glass: ensure all the glass used in the large section including balconies is toughened glass to get sure security, if you want to avoid the ugly grills.

Flooring: opt for flooring that requires minimum maintenance. For tiles and natural stones make sure the sizes offer the least number of joints. Skirting must be recessed; avoid patterns and borders here, these often lie hidden behind the furniture. For wooden floors find a company that has longer warranty periods. Avoid very dark floors as these show foot prints easily and require high frequency cleaning. For toilets and balconies, avoid glossy floor surfaces to ensure non-slippery slopes for water run off.

Walls: pot for cleaned paint surfaces. Plaster of Paris, a common finishing material must be used evenly to avoid hairline cracks later. If you go for wallpaper, invest knowing that it’s not permanent and will peel in time. Experiment with color and texture, especially if you’re on a low budget. For tiled walls, use large sizes and play with textures, mixing glossy and matt finishes. Avoid horizontal lines, grooves and louvers and go for vertical ones if you’re obsessed about dust. Avoid fixed furniture and shelving on the walls as it gets restrictive and makes it difficult for you to alter your room arrangement in the future.

Ceiling: false ceiling include light inserts within them. Opt for cove lighting instead of individual down lighters. They are cost and energy saving and give good quality, ambient light. Here, Plaster of Paris must be used with a mesh for strength. Avoid intensive patterns and heavy cornices in the ceiling. Fan locations are important to note as most times they need to be centered with your furniture and not the room. Avoid false ceilings in kitchens and toilets as they do not work well with moisture and with time will look patchy.

So as you look for your dream home these simple points play an important role in Indian home decor.

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