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   DreamHomeDecors > Home Decor Styles > Japanese Home Decor

Japanese Home Decor

Japanese home decor is one of the stylist home decoration styles that is becoming more and more prevalent with passing time. The basic of Japanese home decor is the balance of energy by the use of color, texture and styles that together create the unique Japanese interior decoration for homes. In this section we will look at the different elements right from wall colors to interior accessories that bring about the charm of Japanese home decor.

Wall Colors

If we talk about the western world then white and black are not considered colors for interior design. But in Japanese home decor, black color is put to unique use defining form and structure. The most widely used colors for interior decoration are off whites and neutrals with black used to make a statement. Go about selecting neutral color shades, as it would help in giving an orderly look to your interior space. Having orderliness in the interior decoration is one of the primary elements in Japanese home decor. If you are using different types of color then resist the urge to apply it in multiples. Primary wall colors are used to stand out and highlight a single object. Also try not to repeat primary colors as this makes the room lose its potency.

Selecting Materials

Selecting materials and balancing the materials is an important part of Japanese home decor style. Balancing opposite energies is the key element. How about long grained cedar wood matched with a shining lacquered box. Floors can be of bamboo hardwood with a single slab of quarry stone surrounding it. There can also be wicker furnishings complemented with silk cushions. Go for simplicity rather than making things look complex.

While arranging furniture in a Japanese home decor establish a focal point towards the center with as little obstruction as possible. The arrangement should be such that it facilitates a conversation. Donít have too much things as it gives a feeling of clutter. Decoration pieces should also be simple like a single piece of artwork etc.

Texture and Contrast

Textures play an important role in the Japanese home decor like cedar, rice paper, maple, bamboo, stone and woven wicker. One can also use textured silk tatami floor mats, and the elaborate needlework of kimonos and obiís. Balance a high textured item with a simple piece and you would receive the perfect Japanese interior decoration.

Japanese Decorating Accessories

When displaying things for a Japanese home decor, one can use both organic and disciplined styles. Natural or organic feel can be obtained by displaying an odd number of objects together. An ordered and disciplined environment can be obtained by using an even quantity. One can go on changing the decorating accessories every week to give a fresh look to the interior decor.

Japanese Antiques

If you are fond of antiques or its reproductions then there are many classic Japanese objects that can give your home decor a classy look. Here are some of the popular Japanese antiques for home decor.

A hibachi: It is a finely crafted portable fireplace used in olden times to provide heat and warmth. Original hibachis were ash receptacles in low wooden boxes. They were also made in ceramics, lacquer, rattan and metal.

Kimonos: Itís a canvas. Wedding kimonos and fans were made in decorative style and are highly valuable.

Keyaki: This is an antique door that could be used for a desk or coffee table top.

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