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   DreamHomeDecors > Home Decor Styles > Modern Home Decor

Modern Home Decor

Modern home decor brings to mind the clean lines, sophisticated and neutral shades of wall colors, and polished surfaces. But this combination of contemporary home decor sometimes makes the house look quite uninviting and cold. So how to cut past it and give your home a dynamic look and style?

To start with letís take a look at what does modern home decor mean! Well some of the prominent features of this decoration are clean lines along with strong geometrical shapes. In this type of decor mostly the walls and windows are unadorned and simple. This is done to create a feeling of oneness with the home exteriors. Walls are generally white, keeping the focus mainly on different home accessories. As far as the floorings go they are generally smooth and polished like granite etc.

Now letís take a closer look at the different techniques of modern home decor and go for a completely new image of our home interiors.

Simplicity is Modernity

One of the most prominent and essential features of a modern home decor is have minimum accessory and giving a simple look to your decorations. Use decorative items sparsely. The only decorations in rooms consist of the furniture of that room. This concept is followed to give the house a clean and organized look.

In todayís hectic life there is hardly any time to maintain and clean too many home accessories. Also after a stressful day each one of us wishes to return to a place that is peaceful and relaxing. Large and empty well-kept rooms give a feeling of relaxation. Therefore more and more working couples prefer to go for modern home decor.

Colors of Modern Decor

Colors are quite dynamic in the modern home decor. On one side the wall colors are mostly white while the furnishings are kept in bright colors like reds, browns etc. Color break concept is quite popular with this type of home decorations. Sometimes the wall colors are in complete contrast to each other. If a home is big and open then different rooms are painted in different colors. The main thing that is kept in mind is by maintaining a contrast with one another.

Decoration Accessories

The accessories in modern decorations are very important. Each piece has to be selected with care and has to be kept at a minimum. Mostly all the display items are put on the shelves and nothing except the basic furniture is on the floor. If you are going for a piece of artwork then go for something that blends well with the wall colors. Also make sure they are of a good size and not the miniature ones. Once more have only one or two accessories, as clutter is an absolute no.

Technology Savvy

Technology and modern equipment is a part of every modern home decor. One of the easiest ways to have technology in the modern home decor is by placing an entertainment system in the living or family room. Complete the look with televisions, DVDs and music system.

Furniture for Modern Decor

While selecting furniture for modern decor keep it simple and clean. Use fabrics that are smooth like leather or micro fiber. Coffee and center tables generally have a glass top and are not too intricately done. Most of them are either round or square of wood. Contrasting colors can be used for giving depth to the dining space.

Say Yes to Windows

Windows are very much a part of the modern home decor. The more the windows the better. Modern home decorations lay emphasis on open and spacious spaces. Windows give the house an airy and open look. So have less walls and more elaborate windows. Even while selecting drapes and curtains go for lighter shades so that the room is well lighted.

Modern home decor is a classy type of decoration style with elements of contemporary decor within it. Being selective of the items is very important. Otherwise you may land up giving your home a completely bare look. Be sophisticated and refined in your selection and adorn your home with modern home decor.

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