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   DreamHomeDecors > Home Decor Styles >Southwestern Home Decor

Southwestern Home Decor

Southwestern home decor is one of the popular decorating options making a style statement in houses today. The bright and lively colors attract todayís generation who wish the decor to reflect the vibrancy in their lives. Southwestern home decorations makes use of bright saturated colors that gives any home a completely transformed look.

Other than the bright colors, southwestern decor gives emphasis to pottery, and use of natural fabrics. So if you want your house to reflect the natural feel along with giving all the comforts of a modern home then southwestern home decor is the answer for you.

Here are some quick tips and ideas for a complete makeover of your home. Go bright, go lively and go earthly with southwestern home decorations.

Brighten Up the Walls

One of the simplest ways for renovating your house with southwestern decoration style is by painting your walls brightly. Red, yellow, green you think of a color and it has a place in southwestern home decor style. If you find so many bright colors a bit overpowering then go for neutral shades in most of the walls and then one wall brightly colored to give prominence and style.

Southwestern Style Pottery

Pottery is one of the important elements when one is going for southwestern style decor. Pottery can give an artistic touch to your rooms making your decorations come to live. Pottery is available in all sizes and colors. So use them as vases, centerpieces or other decorating items to add to the elegance of your home.

Fabric and Drapes

Use of bright colored rugs and carpets are the in thing for southwestern home decor. One tip is to select rugs of different colors and varying sizes and then mix n blend them to give a unique pattern. Other than this you can also use Indian printed fabrics for a versatile look. Remember, donít have too many colors in one single room otherwise it will look overpowering. Go for one or two bright colors for each room.


Re-doing furniture is an expensive affair. So it is best to have neutral furniture. If your couch is not going well with the decor of the rest of room then how about trying a slipcover? This will save you from buying a completely new couch altogether. Another easy option is throwing in some pillows to blend with your southwestern home decorations. If you want to add some new furniture to your decoration style then go for rustic and cabin-style furniture to complete the look.

Southwestern Decoration Ideas

Finally letís take a quick look at the different southwestern decoration ideas that can add charm to any room of the house. Southwestern home decor is all about giving your house a cozy and inviting feeling. So decorate your walls with sceneries, use ivory and turquoise as accessories around the house and some wooden elements for adding to the natural feel of the house.

Incorporate these simple tips and ideas and enjoy the perfect southwestern decorations for every room of the house.

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