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   DreamHomeDecors > Home Decor Styles > Victorian Home Decor

Victorian Home Decor

Stylish, attractive and versatile that is the way to define Victorian Home Decor. Victorian designs are a symbol of wealth and luxury, giving a taste of the British culture during the time of the Queen’s reign. Today the Victorian Home Decor is a popular decor style all over the world, giving homes a comfortable and warm feel.

The Victorian home decor is influenced by different aspects like architecture, woodwork and interior decorating. There is a major feminine influence in this home decor style. This delicate style of decoration is popular in modern interior design elements as well. If you are planning to go for a Victorian home decor then there are certain elements that will help you get the look you are focusing on. So let’s take a closer look at the different Victorian home decor themes and ideas and renovate our homes.

Give Expression –Break Away From Rules

The best part of the Victorian interior decoration there are no hard rules to follow. There is an opportunity to display each and every thing you fancy in your decor. Every empty space and corner can be filled up with a personalized touch. As one is given the freedom to select valuable things for displaying, one also has to be tasteful about it. Putting the right thing in the right place is a tasteful way of displaying your finest stuff.

Victorian Color Scheme

The selection of colors is where every home decor starts. There is a varied pallet in the Victorian home decor to select from. The selection of colors here is bold and wide. Many of us make the mistake to go for colors matching our accessories or decor materials. As you go about selecting colors have a clear picture of the different elements you plan to have in your project.

If you wish to go for bright colors then remember that deep, rich colors give a feeling of importance to the room. The foyer, living room and dining space is the best rooms to go for this color scheme. These are the rooms where you will be entertaining your guests and holding family get together. So give it a different look as compared to the other rooms of the house. If the room contains woodwork of mahogany then keep your walls in shades of green. This will tastefully bring out the richness of the furnishings and also give prominence to your room. If the room contains lot of metal and silver things then blue is going to add to the depth of it. If there is a room that is comparatively dark with hardly any natural light then neutral shades is the answer. Team it up with oriental rugs to complete the look.

Furniture and Interior Accents

The English influence on the furniture is an important decorative accent in Victorian home decor. Go for heavy teak and mahogany furniture if available. If it is not available readily then go for any other type of rich wood piece. Hand-pick material from tropics and exotic locales to give a feeling of uniqueness and aristocracy. One of the easiest places to display your wood furniture is the dining room. Have a grand table made up of heavy wood with rich leather or velvet wing backed chairs. Also have small lamp tables and cabinets for the silver ware around the room.

Interior Accessories

One of the popular interior decoration accents is the different Egyptian artifact. They go very well with Oriental screens. Also one can try out African animal hides and different Indian accessories. It may look too vast at the moment, but it is all going to fall in place once you start off. Other than these one can definitely go for family photographs and various portrait collections for displaying on tabletops and side sections of wall. Collection of antique dolls and toys is the other popular thing found in Victorian home decor. As far as the furnishings go, frills and laces are very much popular in Victorian designs. Have them on windows, bed linens or even as intricate crochet tablecloths. And if you are book lover then all the hardbound books can be displayed in a refined manner in a glass cabinet.

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