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   DreamHomeDecors > Home Decor Styles > Western Home Decor

Western Home Decor

Western home decor is one of the most popular decoration styles that is around nowadays. With its rough and rugged look and also the natural outdoor feeling, western home decor has a class of its own. The main theme in decorating rooms in the western way is by simply adding some western decorations like antique cowboy boot, eagle wall clock and more. One can also go for small accessories and paintings to complete the look. The most popular decorating items are horses and barn items. The most important thing to remember while selecting products for western home decor is that they have a rustic and natural look to it.

Furniture for Western Decorations

Furniture plays a very important role in western home decor. While selecting the furniture make sure they go well with the western theme. Contemporary style furniture will surely not go well with the western decor. Think ‘natural’ and go for rugs to add to the charm of the decorations.

Colors for the Decor

Selection of colors should be neutral and one can also go for animal skin patterns, adding a unique look to the design of the decor. One can also have honey colored wood, gray rock and also metals to go. To complement the colors one can use brick red, terra cotta, navy or even cream. The focus should be to coordinate with a western style.

Western Decor Fabric

As you select fabrics for the western decor go for tough and textured fabrics. Leather, suede, wool tweeds, denims, woven rugs and even fur are popular choices. Most of these fabrics have a matte finish though one or two of them are shiny as well. Patterned fabrics are also the latest trendsetters today.

Vintage Look

Old is gold applies quite aptly in western home decor. For selecting products for the home interiors go for vintage items. Cracked leather ottomans, old baskets and simply the old things lying around the house, look marvelous in western interior decorations.


Lighting is a very important part of the interior decorations. Maintain the lighting styles to blend with the decor theme. Antler chandeliers are a very popular choice. Rawhide lampshades also give a special glow to the western decor. Go for lamps and fixtures that are made of wood or even metal and complement the western mood.

Interior Decoration Accessories

Accessories are the easiest way to perk things up in your home. Go for horseshoe sconces, vintage fishing creels and twig-framed mirrors. Even artificial and dried flowers with large baskets look great. Table napkins can be made out of cotton bandanas and the same can be done for pillow covers as well.

With correct and appropriate western home decor, you can give your home a grand and majestic look. This style of home decor gives you a relaxed and comfortable feeling. So relax and enjoy some time in your dear abode.

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