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Garden Designs

Home garden designs are the perfect way to turn your boring wasteland of grass and scattered plants into something attractive and colorful. A nicely laid out home garden is like a green oasis just right for relaxation, comfort and fun. Whether you want to go for a flower garden design or a landscaping theme, garden accessories and plants play a very important role in giving a balanced look to your garden. So letís first look at some principal start offs to give your garden the style of your choice and then go on and find some evergreen garden designs to go perfectly with your home architecture.

Defining the Space

The most confusing thing to understand, is where does your garden begin and your neighborís end. The outdoor space is defined with hedges, walls and fences and blends your home with the structures of the garden. So the best way to give a complete picture of your house let the garden give a feeling of extension to your home decor. Blur the lines where your walls end and where the beds of flowers begin. This will not only increase the sense of privacy and security but also give a comfortable feel to your entire house.

Make the Garden Gate Appealing

Entrances are always eye catching. So give a grandeur look to your garden by making the entry distinctive and attractive. There are many different ways to give your garden gate a different look. The best way to decide on it is by going the way your house architecture. Create a mood that will make your guests curious and you proud each time you walk through that gate.

Garden Hardscaping

Garden hardscaping is everything that is not soil and plants in the garden. It consists of walkways, stairs, bedding, structures and even pots that are immovable. It is very important to have your garden hardscaping in place where you go about planning the entire garden. Keep in mind not to disturb delicate roots and soil as you put the decorative garden elements in place. the whole thing will require planning as once it is in place you canít go about redoing the whole thing easily.

Colors in the Garden

Colors are the most important element in a garden. The right combination of colors can give an organized and neat look to your garden with the greatest sense of place and style. One can try from different color themes with one dominant color with white, grays, and silvery greens as accent colors. Your home garden will look much more appealing if you have a large belt of one color rather than small patches of color placed haphazardly.


Garden design can never be complete without some simple ornamentation teaming it up. One of the popular garden design ideas is to go for statutory set in the midst of greenery to give a classy look to your garden design. You can use different materials like wood, stone, bronze, or even copper. But keep in mind that they should be able to sustain in outdoor weather conditions.

Evergreen Garden Design Styles

Some garden design styles never go out of fashion no matter what is your home architecture and decor. Garden designs like Asian, cottage and formal has its own characteristics with particular plants, water features and hardscape materials. So letís a look at these home garden designs and team it up with the garden design ideas mentioned above.

Asian Garden Design: getting one with nature is the theme in this garden design. Having an artificial pond with carefully placed earth mounds or jagged rocks is one of the primes in Asian gardens. The popular plants are ferns, moss, pines and flowers in bright colors.

Cottage Garden Designs: these gardens lay stress on individual plants. Right from vegetables, berry bushes to fragrant flowers everything is included in cottage garden designs. The cottage gardens are set in an informal way however one can find bulbs, herbs and apple trees planted in a scheme to give a structured and balanced look to the garden.

Formal Garden Designs: the formal gardens look the very best with traditional styled houses balancing as well as complementing the house architecture. Formal gardens are symmetrical having one main axis and several other axis branching out of it. The main axis generally comes from a specific location close to the house like the front door, balcony or a terrace and leads to a distant focal point like a bench, pavilion or even sculpture. Formal gardens are simple and modest and easy to maintain and hence the popular choice nowadays.

So give a character to your home garden and design it to give an attractive look to your home world.

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