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Home Lighting Fixtures

Home lighting fixtures are the trend of today. From living room to kitchens, lighting is not just about placing bulbs around the house. Lighting can define the way you look at each and every room of your house. Lighting fixtures not only add to your decorations but also set the mood of individual rooms. With so many different shapes, sizes and styles flooding the market you are sure to shop for your favorite piece. In this section we will look at the latest trends in the lighting fixtures and the best place to have these fixtures in your home interiors.


With modern home decor, chandeliers are slowly going out of fashion but still they never fail to charm and add to the decor of the room. Chandeliers are mostly ornate and large in size and therefore look good in large areas only. These light fixtures are available in various shapes and styles. The number of lamps and crystals make these chandeliers a great selection for houses with Victorian home decor or homes built on bungalow style.

Ceiling Light Fixtures

As the name suggests these lighting fixtures are mounted directly to the ceiling. There is no hanging in these fixtures giving it a crisp and modern look. These lighting fixtures are for simple illumination of the room and are available in different styles and patterns. These light fittings go very well in bathrooms, study rooms, kitchens and even bedrooms.


Pendant fixtures are the ones that are hung from a cord attached to the ceiling. These light fixtures are idle for living rooms and dining rooms. They can make any corner look cozy and warm. These pendant fixtures are available in different sizes so you can select just the right one for your home. The best thing about this home light fitting is, it never goes out of style and goes well with all kinds of home decorations.

Recessed Lighting

This is one more kind of a fixture that can give a mood to your individual rooms. These lights are fixed with the structure of the ceiling so it looks as a part of it. The common lights used are fluorescent or incandescent lights. The only limitation is that they are a bit difficult to maintain. Also these types of lightings are only suitable where you require dim lighting.

Wall Sconces

If you are one who wants to capture the charm of the old days while giving a modern look to your interiors then wall sconces is just the answer to your lighting world. Sconces are like the silent hints of the wall mounted candles and lanterns of the golden past. Put these sconces in the nooks and corners and give a dreamy look to your room. You can create just about any mood with these wall sconces.

Table Lamps

Well this one is the favorite of all. There is just so many varieties that you can actually get totally confused while selecting just the one….sitting pretty on your table these lamps can provide extra lighting wherever required. The best part of these lamps is you can simply pick them up and place them somewhere else. So every time you want to change the look of your room, simply change the table lamp position. Which other lighting fixture gives you this luxury…

Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are similar to table lamps. Simply put, these lamps sit on the floor instead of the table. Taller in height, these lamps can illuminate larger areas as compared to table lamps. This lighting fixture looks best when placed in the room corners. They don’t come in the way and also provide a personality to the room.

So get started and add the warmth and style of light fixtures to your interior decorations.
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