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Home Lighting Designs

Home lighting designs are the starry glimmer illuminating your dream home. With trendy lighting fixtures, there is something special for each and every room. But you also require some lighting designs that will add to the charm of these fixtures. One of the most important aspects to keep in mind is that the home lighting should blend well with the other elements of the rooms adding to its character and nature. Before we take a look at the lighting required for each individual room, think carefully about how each room will be used and what are the functions the home lighting will be required for. Now letís a quick look at the different designs and give your home a completely new image.

Landscape Lighting

Starting with the home exteriors, landscape lighting is a great way to give an illuminated sketch of your house. Strategically locate the light fixtures around a structure giving pools of light in contrast with dark areas so that there is interplay of light and shadow creating a stunning lighting effect.

Recessed or Track Lighting

These lighting designs work best in horizontal surfaces. Uniform illumination gives clear visual appearance and is best when placed in front of tables, mirrors or even stairs. But one important thing to keep in mind while going for this designing tip is that the placement should be such that there are no unnecessary shadows.

Accent Lighting

Just like accent walls, accent lighting is also equally popular. Accent lighting designs are best for objects that require prominence like sculptures, paintings or other collectibles. These lights should be three times brighter to the lights in the surrounding areas. So to give your living room decor a unique look, go for accent lighting.

Task Lighting

These are the new types of lighting designs that are highly popular today. Task lighting is all about giving you extra light wherever required. So whether it is reading, cooking or any other type of activity, the various styles in task lighting gives a unique look to your room.

Now letís take a look at some of the home lighting design tips to get the best out of these fixtures.
  • Use dimmer switches to help avoid harsh lighting. This technique can be applied to any room of the house, but it is definitely a must have for living rooms and bedrooms.
  • To make a low ceiling appear higher use up lighters above a picture.
  • To make your kitchen appear brighter, go for track lighting or even low voltage lights in different corners of the kitchen.
  • Lighting designs for work surface is best illuminated with strip lights best fitted beneath wall-mounted units.
  • Dining area deserves an overhead pendant or low voltage halogen down lighter.
  • For the main entrance of the house go for something striking like pendent lights and chandeliers.
  • Stairwells and corridors look great with up lighter designs. You can also try wall lights along the staircases for safety as well as style.
  • One even has different home lighting designs for childrenís room. One of the popular choices is an overhead pendant with a dimmer switch to give dim light during the night.
  • For study rooms, highlight bookshelves using down lights or even spotlights. To add to it, go for task lighting, especially for nighttime reading.

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