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Home Exterior Remodeling

Home remodeling is an art that transforms the entire look of the house. Making each room live and breathe more, home remodeling is the best way to re-shape your world. But most of us think, that home renovation is only for interiors and there can be no improvements made in the exterior look. But home exterior remodeling is as much there and required for giving that complete finish to your house.

In this section of home exterior remodeling we look at the different aspects of the exterior renovation to transform the complete feel of your house.

Home Exterior Painting

One of the most important things is the exterior painting of a house. First check out for any type of damages like rotten wood, damaged aluminum sliding etc. and then cover them up with a nice coat of paint. Also you have to keep in mind the weather conditions so that you can avoid the formation of mold and mildew. Have two or three coats of paint to get a smooth finished look.

Exterior Stucco

If you are thinking of giving a completely new look to your home exteriors then one economical and easy way to go about it is by applying exterior stucco. Stucco is a fine plaster or cement made from Portland cement, sand and lime and is applied while soft on the exterior home walls. So to give that complete look to your home exteriors this is a great option.

Adding Stones

While renovating the home exterior, one of the best ways to ensure the longevity of the walls is by putting stones. Painted walls mostly tend to last for around 5-10 years depending on the climate of the region. After that you once more have to re-paint. But if you have stones on the exterior walls then they tend to give more lasting results and you donít have to think much for long time. Though putting stones during remodeling can be a tedious task it will sure save cost in the long run.

The Main Entrance

One of the important aspects to keep in mind while going for home exterior modeling is putting some extra effort on the main entrance. Most of us overlook the small details that can do wonders to enhance the appeal of the house. The first and most important thing in this regard is to keep a clear focus for your main door. Let it be easily approachable so that people know clearly where it is and donít go round and round looking for it. To give prominence you can paint the main entrance door with a different color. Have a bright welcome mat and potted plants to add to the appeal of the entrance.

Charm Up the Driveway

One of the most prominent things in the exterior of the house is the driveway. After all it is the first thing that is visible quite easily from a distance. So either you make it something that draws the attention of people or completely camouflage it with the exterior of your house. If you choose to spice it up then the visual appeal of your home comes to prominence from a distance. And if you donít want to take the attention away from your main entrance you can just blend it with the exterior look and feel of the house. This will also make your house look larger.

On the whole the most important thing to keep in mind while going for home exterior remodeling is making your exteriors attractive, inviting and durable. Donít go for a renovation that will wear off or require renovation in one season only. Go for materials that can bear the wear and tear of weather, while making your house look ever new.

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