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   DreamHomeDecors > Room Decor >Baby Nursery

Baby Nursery

Baby nursery room decor is for that special bundle of joy who just came into your world and now everything seems miraculously wonderful. The excitement and joy that you are feeling inside as your heart goes out and wishes everything but the best for your baby is what makes decorating a nursery so much fun and wonderful. A nursery room is no longer about pinks and blues. Baby room decorations range from different themes, styles and concepts. In this section of nursery room decor we will look at different practical decoration tips and ideas to give the right feel and ambience to your babyís room. So letís see whatís the latest in the kid world and give them a room they will fall in love with.

Nursery Furniture

One of the essentials for every baby nursery is the furniture. So taking up the first important accessory the baby crib is one thing that your baby will require from day one. So go and select one that suits your budget. There are so many choices available today that you can actually get overwhelmed. If you are working on a budget then shop at resale baby stores and get some good bargains. But while selecting one remember to look closely for the safety standards. The other important baby nursery furniture includes a cradle, high chair, rocking chair and some mattresses. These things are not very expensive and with a big of searching you can get them at quite reasonable prices.

Nursery Room Decorations

The first thing that comes to mind for nursery room decorations are toys, toys and more toys. But bedding sets and matching accessories are also the favorites when it comes to nurseries. Baby nursery rooms are generally bright giving a peppy and happy feeling. Go for mix n match style to give the room a new look once in a while. Keep the nursery room decorating ideas flexible as your sweetheart is going to outgrow a particular theme very soon. Fabrics and colors are a great help in giving you something new. A simple and budget way of doing something new for your nursery room is by changing some of the accessories like bedding sets, pictures, rugs etc.

Nursery Wall Colors

Primary wall colors go very well for the nursery. Decorate the nursery with subtle and calm colors. If you want to give a bright and lively look to the baby room then warm colors like rose, peach or even primrose are great choices. And if cool colors appeal to you then sky blue, aqua, or mint can be selected from. They even get a spacious feel to the baby nursery. Some parents like the combination of both; therefore touches of some bright colors with a combination of cool colors can do wonders.

Nursery Room Accessories

Other than toys, what else can go into the decorative aspect of a nursery room? After all, your baby will soon reach out to them and try breaking everything. The answer to this is wall decor. Go for baby pictures, or spell out your babyís name and give a personal touch to the room. Murals are also a popular choice today. So how about dedicating one wall to a mural to give a unique look?

Nursery Room Themes

Baby nursery room themes are very popular nowadays. It is all about selecting one particular concept and then decorating the whole room on that theme. So right from Winnie the pooh to tropical jungles there is a whole world out there. Some people even go for cloud ceilings or star ceilings and keep the rest of the decor simple. This gives your baby a feeling of their own world and soon they start relating and recognizing to the things around them.

Baby nursery is not just about a space, it is the first world that you give to your child. Make it bright, whimsy and special and welcome your dearest baby in a whole new world.

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