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Dorm Room Decor

Getting all set to start yet another year of college? Whether you are a freshman or a senior dorm room or apartments are the only place where you identify with yourself. Dorm room decor is everything cool, trendy and latest and it must find a place in your decorations. Right from late night popcorn-movie treats to a leisurely time with a book, you need to decorate your dorm room to make it most comfortable. Of course there is always a small tug at your wallet. But donít worry as we bring together different decorating ideas for a dorm room and that also in a budget that suits the pocket of all students. Dorm room decorations are not about decorating a room with all expensive things put together but putting together things tastefully. So letís get started and give a makeover to your dorm room.

Dorm Room Bedding

One of the basics for dorm room decor is to make your bed clean and comfortable. Try out a comforter for your bed. Since your bed acts multi-purpose, sometimes as a coffee table, sometimes as a couch and even as your study area try to select a comforter that hides the dirt and shows off your style as well. Once you select the comforter the rest of the room decor colors will also fall into place. So whether your choice is in romantic pastels or classic school colors, vibrant floral patterns so the simple black and white combination you have lot many choices to select from in bed comforters. Throw in some fluffy colors to add to the charm of your dorm room bedding. Guys can opt for leopard prints where as girls simply love sunflowers and star prints.

Dorm Room Wall Decor

The simplest and quickest way to decorate your dorm walls is by posters. Use a poster adhesive to stick up your favorite posters and also avoiding chipped paint. Other than this colored chalks are also a great way to give a funky look to your wall decor. Give wings to your artist and let inspiration find its way on your walls. Photo frames with pictures of family, friends and of course your girlfriend or boyfriend can also be displayed nicely on the walls. Colorful magnets are also an inexpensive way to decorate your fridge or any metal piece of the room.

Select Goods for Your Dorm Room

Students always need to find things that are pocket friendly. So go shopping for inexpensive decoration accessories at different department stores like Target, Wal-Mart, and Zellers. Try the different sales and grab the best deal. Go about shopping with your friends and roomie if possible. It is not necessary that your roommates dorm decoration has to gel with your dorm room decor. In fact even if it is different it would distinctly tell your taste from his/her and make you connect to your space more.

Smart Storage

In the tight space of a dorm room smart storage becomes essential. Maximizing storage is a necessity and we offer some smart tips to help you organize your dorm room in a comfortable way. Try raising the bed by cement blocks to make some extra space for clothes, books, laundry, luggage etc. under the bed. Also purchase some closet organizers for your shoes, skirts, accessories and other stuff to give a clean look and easy accessibility. One more smart storage option for your wardrobes is to invest in plastic hooks. Stick them to your closet door and there you have made space for your bathrobe or jacket.


Dorm room lighting doesnít have to be dull and boring. Go for fashionable and functional lights. A desk lamp is a must have for late night studies. But even mini lights around the room act quite decorative as well. Metals are especially hot this season. Go for shiny chrome or brushed steel for attractive looking lamps, bookshelves and even desk organizers. A combination of metals, woods and translucent plastic gives a completely hot look to your lampshades and lighting.

So as you start decorating your dorm room play around with patchworks, stripes, retro circle prints and even color block solids. The secret is to give your dorm room decor a consistent look. Happy Dorming!

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