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   DreamHomeDecors > Room Decor >Hawaiian Room Decor

Hawaiian Room Decor

Are you completely in love with Hawaii and the tropical scenery? Well decorating your room with Hawaiian room decor is the best way to bring the waves to your bedroom. With some simple changes in the flooring and maybe the window treatments you can give your room decor a completely new look.

Tropical decor is one of the most popular room decor styles nowadays bringing comfort as well as the exotic feel of the islands of Hawaii. Giving your bedroom a tropical theme decor doesnít mean that you have to start from scratch. Go for a minimalist approach and add tropical accents in selected places of the room. With rich textures and delicate patterns you can completely change the complete look of the room. Letís take a look at the different segments required to give a makeover to your bedroom decor.

Hawaiian Room Accessories

One of the popular motifs that is used in Hawaiian room decorations are palm trees, hula prints, bamboo frames and different tropical paintings. These room accessories easily give the room a tropical look and are also quite inexpensive. Other than palm trees one can also add different types of trees to bring the greenery of the islands.

Decorative pillows are wonderful decorative accessories that can quickly spice up your room decoration. All one needs to do is select colorful pillow covers and keep on changing them to match the other room accessories like bedding. Have some containers with shells as a part of your decor.

Bamboo blinds and colorful curtains will also give a Hawaiian decor to your bedroom. Add rugs and carpets in tropical colors so give a cozy look to your bedroom decoration. Use light breezy fabrics for a more Hawaiian feeling.

Hawaiian Room Color

Painting the room with the right color plays a very important role in completing the look of any room theme. The wall colors that dominate a tropical themed room is ivory, beige, camel, tan, deep brown, pale yellows and shades of gold. Green is also an excellent color for Hawaiian room decor. One can select from light to dark green shades. Add the final touch to the wall decor by adding some wall art tastefully.

Wall Art

Wall art when arranged properly gives a brilliant look to the Hawaiian room decor. However if itís not arranged appropriately then it can spoil the complete effect. Many people place their paintings so that the bottom or top edges line up together. But the best way to arrange picture frames is in a way that the center of the pieces line up. Add some floral prints and display them in vibrant picture frames to bring out the tropical room decor feel.

Lighting and Light Fixtures

When one thinks of island and beaches the first thing that comes to mind are the warm sunny beaches, therefore the room lighting should emit that warm feeling. Select light fixtures that create some drama in the room. One can easily purchase Hawaiian lamps from online e-stores and give the room a soft glow.

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