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   DreamHomeDecors > Room Decor >Princess Room Decor

Princess Room Decor

Your little girl is growing up and turning into a beautiful princess. Like Cinderella, snow white and other fairy tale characters she imagines herself living like a princess. So how about decorating your girl’s room with a princess room decor theme? Give her room a set up in a princess style and take her to the beautiful world of fairies and palaces.

Before we start off on a princess room theme a bit of planning is required. If you are giving present room a makeover then shuffling some decoration accessories and furniture just might do the trick. So it is best to make a list of all the items you would require to give your girl’s room a princess decor. Adding new things can always be done through online shopping. It will save you time and also the hassle of carrying heavy bundles around. Keep in mind that the furniture and other accessories should be sturdy and strong as kids do a lot of jumping around.

Princess Room Furniture

The first and foremost thing that needs to look into for the princess room decor is the room furniture. From bedding, chairs, tables and bookshelves there are several furniture pieces that can add to the appeal of the princess room decor. Keep the size of the furniture in mind. Adult size bed or table wouldn’t work out for your little girl. Also one can look for themed furniture with matching vanity table and mirror to complete the look. Select couch and chairs in princess room theme for a majestic feel. A rocking chair and fort shaped bookcase completes the picture.


Once you have selected the bed for the princess room decor, next comes the bedding. Use bed sheets and bedspreads that have some fairy patterns printed on it. If you have selected a four-poster bed then you can add a dowel and hang voile curtains to give a complete princess sleeping chamber. Use see-through sheer material to bring out the true feeling of princess room decor.

Princess Room Accessories

Accessories are very important to complete the princess room decoration. A good way to start is to add flowers and leaves to your decor. Select artificial flowers and place them strategically around the room. Include colors like pale pinks and blues for bedding and wall colors. Add some ruffled pillowcases with soft curtains to give a dreamy look to the princess room. All the material that is used in the princess room should be light and delicate. Heavy materials and primary colors steal away the dreamy look from the princess room decor. One can also try putting figurines and dolls of fairies, of course of non-breakable material.


Lighting in the princess room should be adequate but with a softer touch. Lamps with soft lighting along with patterned shades allow the stars and moon designs to dance on the walls. Table lamps and floor lamps are an absolute no for a little girl princess room. Instead go for hanging or ceiling fitted lights. Night lamps can be placed along side the floor to give a fairy tale look to the room decor at night.

Give your little girl’s room a complete fairy tale look by adding these simple accessories and let her see her little princess world coming to life.

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